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Cats: what your breed?

Character of any person is individual. On the other hand - all of us something also are similar. The features of character inherent in people of one nationality are called national lines. Not always their assessment is objective, nevertheless, “ďŕě˙đęîóíŕńňü“ Belarusians and irascibility of inhabitants of the Caucasus - line conventional.

Cats - our “parasites“, friends, neighbors and assistants. The set of cat`s breeds is known. At all cats one general feature of character is shown: they treat the owners so kindly or badly as far as owners love the pets. On the other hand the are inherent in each breed “national lines“. Just as at people.

Quiet and friendly British are representatives of the British korotkoshersty breed - like “to talk“, responding to caress of the owner. Betrayed as dogs, cats provide a cosiness and heat in the house, give to owners feeling of confidence and reliability. To be convinced that all troubles pass sooner or later, it is worth looking at the clodhopper accurate, happy with life dressed in a beautiful, equal fur coat.

Siama , left alone, miss. These domestic cats require constant attention from owners that in them and attracts. No wonder, we love that we needed us. Noisy and tender Siamese cats stick the nose everywhere, any house event does not do without them.

Cats - figurines, sphinxes , look the owner fool in the face and wait - will not wait when the opportunity on knees or under a blanket is presented to get. Cats adore tactile contacts. The house, and presence at it of the tender and reliable, big and warm person on which it is possible to nestle gently is important for a sphinx not just.

Under a silky fur coat of a burma hidden a dense lump of muscles. The cats capable to stand for itself know the own worth, it is possible therefore never show excessive aggression. Curious and active burma easily adapt in any company, answer care of the owner with devotion.

Elegant zelenoglazk - the Russian blue cats are friendly, quiet and undemanding. Maintaining the friendly relations with all family members, they do not take offense if owners give attention to the pets owing to employment a little. Possessing independent character, cats understand, as people can have own cares. But sooner or later problems will be solved, here then the cat with pleasure will settle on a lap and will begin the gentle song.

Impressive and unperturbable Persians are the real philosophers. The adult cat takes true pleasure, studying world around, for example, observing as on the end of a water tap drops of water are formed and fall down. The owner for a cat - the Persian - an important element of the Universe and worthy object for supervision. Unlike cats, it is more important for cats own feelings and emotions, they often do not care about owners.

Good-natured athletes - Scottish Folds - perfectly get on not only with people, but also with other pets, are content with the smallest territory and perfectly feel even in the overpopulated “five-storey apartment block“.

Having stopped the choice on the representative of some breed, do not forget the main thing - we in the answer for those who were tamed. And the cat for certain will pay back with reciprocity, without looking on any “national lines“.