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Main rules of time-management. Whether

It is possible to become more successful?

the Business rhythm of life does not allow to use life time ineffectively. All know - in days only 24 hours, and it is necessary to be in time a lot of things: for work to descend and to find time for a family, it is necessary not to forget at the same time friends, and also to find time for sport - to visit the gym or to go to the country on picnic. All this is fine

, but it is necessary to be engaged still in career, or to build the business that there was a real opportunity to improve life in the material plan, to receive more money. by

In 24 hours to make all this is unambiguously extremely hard. To solve this problem people introduced such science as time-management of the person (head) in life.

Time-management of the successful PERSON - new which allows to learn competently and effectively to perform necessary work to be in time and move on a career ladder (to build the successful business) and to devote much time on a family, to friends, on sport, to rest. as

Time-management in life of each person - very useful science, but it it is necessary to study, work on itself daily to apply it in the life.

In this article I will tell you two composed time-management in business and in lives which, in principle, are easily capable to replace all time-management. So, the first way which brings closer you to success - Paretto`s principle. Paretto`s law says that 20 percent of your actions bring 80% of success in your life.

Big part of your cases in which you are engaged on life (generally - 80%) do not bring you positive results. These unnecessary affairs only take away your time in life.

Twenty percent from all your affairs - is the most important issues in life. IMHO, at each of us exists only 3 most important cases in his life, and if you carry out them daily - that rather quickly will become quite successful and provided.

2 a method of success and time-management is a law of Parkinson. Parkinson`s rule says that for any work exactly so much time how many on it by you it is taken away is spent. I.e. during the day you can execute only one business (if on its realization you took away all day).

I you can ten cases and more - if accurately allowed strict time to each concrete business. If you begin to apply daily in life of these 2 basic ways increasing your efficiency, then you will begin to notice soon that your business grows.