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What types wait for the women who are getting acquainted on the Internet? Variations of

I Continue the narration about variations the Internet - types of men which I call users and losers .

the Burnt pikaper

I carry zingers for whom sprint running with the purpose to enchant and “to put a tick“ turned into a favourite sport To this type. Read the mass of books and studied the mass of lessons on “the rule of a sjyom“.

Information stated there together with own experience created at it outlook of the cheerful cynic. And such view of things means ease in communication unusual. Often it is really an exit for painfully diffident people.

And, of course, the Internet gives them real expanse for self-realization: it is possible not to get out for days and months from dating sites, being represented by anyone and meeting whom there is a wish. Naborchik of calling and approaches, the courses and exits works with a bang, the notebook and lists of contacts are hammered chock-full. All it, hare, want.

Agree, fine feeling, especially if, besides, to brag in life there is nothing. But … the more in the list of its victories, the its ideas of them are more primitive than women. Perhaps it also shocks you, but the dialogue which is taken out in an epigraph in this or that form happens between all friends - pikaper. And hardly the woman respecting herself will want to participate in frivolous and trite statements of the missing rakes if she removes pink glasses. Carlson

I do not know

how to you, and me this “man in the blossoming of forces“ from the children`s book was always suspicious. In my opinion, it is the character with obvious inclinations of the user, only also under a signature stamp “it is especially dangerous“. Because Carlson never plays by rules. Or rather, plays, but only on the. Sharmyor, the tireless story-teller on any subject, the fan of pleasures - he, as well as his prototype, conducts life mysterious.

“I wildly hate boredom.... If you have an excess propeller, insert it to me, please, I will depart itself and I will bring you to space“, - here the phrase which is successfully characterizing similar type. If you get acquainted with it on the Internet, then can conduct kilometer correspondence and for hours to stir by phone, being in illusion that found the pleasant friend. And “karlson“ the business women considering flirtation as an outlet in severe everyday life often find. They understand not at once that “êàðëñîí“ it is integrally not capable of the long, constructive relations with someone (which mean not simply “to play pranks“, but also to understand, concede, discuss problems, to be reliable, to reckon with other person). And if you do not agree to look at the world as on a candy store with attractions - from the screw! Actually the loser

I will not begin to claim


categorically that any who long “hangs“ on portals of acquaintances and on social networks, surely the loser. Who such loser in modern understanding? The one who is not able “to yuzat“ effectively chances, situations and people. This is the person so ambitious how lazy and possessing a set of shortcomings, hated to all who aspire to something.

He considers himself as the underestimated thinker, the unrecognized genius, teaches others, develops discussions from scratch, requires attention, makes a claim, all complains about injustice of the world, about neighbors, about all also … Till a retirement age it will soar in empireyakh and to have “dreams about something bigger“, is persistent at the same time refusing all offered chance. From variety of the virtual choice at it “the roof slowly“ moved down for a long time.

At the same time it is difficult to find a type more selfish, problem and sad, than the chronic loser. Such people are capable of mucks in much bigger degree, than any “the glamourous geek“. And upon you not only it will be a pity for a downtime, but also it is opposite. However, if to be afraid to feel loathing, on the Internet in general it is necessary to refuse acquaintances.

Of course if to present that virtual “market“ of modern men consists only of variations of users and losers, wait for nothing good too. Therefore I want to address personally male readers: guys, anything personal! If my typology angered you, then remember a saying “a thief cannot hide his guilty feeling“. Do not bring down on me the anger, and you impart own experience better.

To us, women, does not prevent to resort sometimes to introspection too and to look in a mirror to feel in this world adequately. Adequacy in general is useful. She by all means will give way to more fascinating states, but let it will occur not earlier, than the true and real love will come!

(It was published in the Superstil magazine)