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What types wait for the women who are getting acquainted on the Internet? “Use it or loose it“... - Listen to

, at me is 21/170/56 here, Nadezhda, Aquarius, from Moscow area call, ended filfak, works in advertizing. You will take?

- And she smokes?

- Yes, and is a lot of.

- will not go. And here I for you have an intellectual from MARKHA, 23/168/55, but it with the child of three years.

- And went - it nafig.

- That`s it …

(From the eavesdropped conversation)

on this subject periodically pushes me To reflections communication with, so to speak, contemporaries. In talk with friends we recognize as far as the Internet simplified our life. To that degree that if we were given vent, we would transfer lion`s her (lives) part in the virtual, leaving for itself only simple pleasures: to eat - to drink yes to have a sleep and when alone and when and near someone warm and, whatever one may do, real.

And here the hitch which still waits for the large-scale researches is covered. If to reject all reasonings on loneliness of the person in the modern world and to pass at once to an essence, then it becomes clear that to get acquainted with someone regarding the relations thanks to the Internet now easy as a pie.

However it leads to something serious in the rare occurences. Immemorial search by the person of couple turns in let and the fascinating, but quite rotten and disappointing occupation. During the Internet era when the uncountable army of users left in space of dating sites, and any child, having visited it seems harmless website, first of all sees the pop-up window abounding with images primary both secondary sexual characteristics and advertizing of all possible joys, of course, it is difficult to keep naivety and to hope, sitting in front of the computer, to meet the man of the dream.

And in general, it is difficult to be loyal to ideals when the sphere of the human relations is represented to contemporaries neither more nor less, than space of market researches. The relations moved to the market sphere. After everything that has though some demand. For now one person feels need for contact with another, demand for the relations will not fall. Another thing is that we began to understand as it. And what sort contacts thanks to services of the Internet us expect first of all.

And therefore I will dare to argue about certain types which though possess a large number of variations, but meet suspiciously often. If to simplify, then typology is as follows: users and losers .

Actually the user

I carry all modern men who built utilitarian approach in a cult To this type and go on life the relaxed visitors of the covered market. In the face of them as though special lenses through which they see price tags on objects and people are put on. If the price tag is suddenly not attached, then they need the description of properties thanks to which they understand, they need it today or not. What you thought of yourself, for the user you - a set of properties. And this set is offered for sale.

If he makes the positive decision, then the transaction can take place. If you were pleasant to it, then can use it and bargain. In it and many other cases it will be guided by the American saying: “use it or loose it“ that is if literally, then “use or lose“. And if on the truth, then “go here or went on“ … To be a user - means to be modern. And to be with the user - means to yuzat each other until it is interesting and possible. The transaction is the transaction. the Disappointed wanderer

Whatever kind of activity he was engaged in

, all this is a temporary haven for its creative nature which nobody and never in forces to understand. Behind shoulders at it always mysterious “background“, and, as if you asked him, do not learn all truth. A frown, skeptical judgments, the gentleman`s manners - it is natural that all this intrigues.

For “the traveler tired with the sun“ so there is a wish to become a gentle violet on a slope! Without thinking of by what such “violets“ it without regret passed on the way, once “violet“ found character and to state some expectations and claims. And everything that is out of the sphere of his comfort is included in the category of claims for the wanderer (read: loneliness). Therefore do not try to demand from it stability, reliability, enthusiasm joint plans - all this “ladies`“ nonsense from which he feels sick since the childhood. He was already born tired. To it it is so heavy in this unfriendly and imperfect world … Read to

continuation in the second part!