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Online - translators: what to choose to translate the text?

Foreign languages are closely interwoven into our everyday life. It is necessary the person who is not owning even if English bases hardly. Now Chinese gains demand among the Russian-speaking population - owing to the fact that the country - the native speaker - very favorable business partner.

Progress in different area of translators surely goes forward, leaving in free use of the person in need various network resources in the help.

1. We will begin with online - the translator . It is very simple to find it by means of any searcher (a search resource). It is possible to note several advantages of this service. In - the first, it is easy to use: it is enough to copy the text in primary window, to choose languages and to press the translate button. In - the second, it is provided, mostly, free of charge. In - the third, there is an opportunity to find practically any language for the translation, whether it be Welsh, Hebrew or Japanese.

It should be noted also the fact that the translator gives the chance of the choice of specialization to which the text belongs: here both automobile subject, and medicine, and business, and computers. And if to try, then it is possible to find also the unlimited translation - means that for time it is possible to translate any volume of the text.

But there is one essential shortcoming - quality. I made small experiment, having requested the translation of the phrase “I am sure that the knowledge of language is required to me“ into English at three various services. The result revealed incompetence of two of three. At the exit the mere verbiage instead of the harmonous offer turned out.

2. Communities of translators . In the Network a large number of associations of translators is organized. The sphere of their activity varies from the translation of documents and songs to so-called “ambulance“ - when the translation of some intricate phrase is urgently necessary.

But, in addition, they have also own specialization. For example, in one of communities people create various terminological dictionaries (accounting, applied mathematics, biology, etc.) . Other community is engaged in the organization of translators, the notification about events in this area and informs everyone on this subject. One more - carries out educational activity: the master - classes, recommendations gives and even has own moneybox of experience. This type of service (the translation in community) can guarantee high quality as often discussion is conducted at a forum, and several experts take part in it at once. But the only nuance is time as in this case the result does not depend on you.

3. The order of the translation at the expert (in bureau) - rather expensive pleasure, on average 250 rubles for one page, will be carried out at the same time on 5 - 8 pages a day. Such type of service is focused on the corporate companies which conclude annual bargains, ordering the translation of all documentation in bureau. But the high level of quality of execution of work, at least, here is promised.

4. Dictionaries . The paper dictionary gives the chance to use it everywhere, offers a huge number of variants of translation and examples in sheaves with in other words. But, as opposed to it, it cannot provide the translation of the concrete necessary phrase entirely and considerably concedes in speed to the electronic dictionary. The last, in turn, is very convenient in use: speed and variability - its main advantages. Distinguish two types of the electronic dictionary: portable - is convenient and easy in use, and network - works in a binding to the computer or the mobile phone.

5. Plug-ins for browsers . I think, not superfluous will be to decipher value of this type of service. Plug-ins are functional additions to the browser, that is to the program providing access to a web - to resources. The translator is a same plug-in which badge you can find at a toolbar or if this addition is not established, independently to load it from the Internet. At the service provided by the Mozilla Firefox browser the following advantages were revealed: a wide choice of languages, the built-in qualitative dictionary, spell check, audio - reproduction of words and the whole phrases, free use.

6. Toolbars . The toolbar is the very convenient type of service working at a basis of various browsers, such as Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others. The program represents a toolbar, I want to notice, very functional.

For example, Google Toolbar gives to the user ample opportunities for the translation of information. In - the first, includes function of machine translation of the word - it is only worth guiding at it a mouse. In settings it is possible to correct necessary parameters - for this purpose press a wrench of blue color (in Mozilla Firefox it is in the top right corner of the panel). In - the second, the translation of the whole web - the page supports: it is necessary to press the Translate button on a toolbar.

The program functions in 52 languages and is provided absolutely free of charge.