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Whether the atmosphere influences health of the person?

“The sun, air and water - our best friends!“

All globe is shrouded in an invisible layer by the atmosphere. Thanks to such cover the Earth`s surface heats up less in the afternoon and cools down less at night, creating conditions for existence of life. The atmosphere protects Earth from falling of meteorites, and the ozone screen of an upper atmosphere protects all live on Earth from surplus of ultraviolet rays.

The oxygen making considerable part of air, live organisms use for breath. The mankind lives at the bottom of atmosphere therefore structure and properties of atmospheric air define quality of life and a state of health of people. Change of properties and structure of the atmosphere at the expense of natural and human factors renders various including negative influence on health of the population of Earth.

Within a year the atmosphere changes as depending on a season, and daily. If the person is healthy, then his organism quickly adapts to any changes, doing it is timely and is not notable for the person. Therefore changes of weather, except for extreme, practically do not influence health of healthy people.

But there are two categories of people - meteosensitive and sick, - the organism of which hardly adapts to weather changes, especially at sharp differences of a condition of the atmosphere. Such people need to apply lechebno - preventive measures at the arising atmospheric threats. People with violations of nervous vegetative system are very sensitive to changes of weather conditions, it is warm - vascular diseases, chronic diseases. On extent of change of the health such people can predict changes of weather for the sufficient long periods. And if in time to carry out for such people lechebno - preventive actions, it is possible to avoid many complications with their health.

The soft and warm climate improves the general resilience of a human body and normalizes many processes happening in an organism. Air near reservoirs, especially with flowing water, very well influences people, refreshes and causes cheerfulness. Very well fresh air after a thunder-storm influences that is connected with increase of the maintenance of negative ions in it. For this reason ionization of air in rooms improves health.

Great positive influence on a human body is exerted by long stay in the open air under sunshine owing to positive impact of ultraviolet rays. Ultra-violet radiation, as we know, serves as also effective reception of physical therapy. What atmospheric phenomena generally influence human health? It is light, atmospheric pressure, wind, atmospheric electricity, temperature and humidity of air.

Absence or a lack of light harmful influence all organism: suppress cerebration and worsen mood, cause appetite reduction, disorder of digestion, weakening of food and blood formation. Presence of light eliminates all these frustration, improves the general condition of an organism, and also destroys pathogenic microorganisms and their disputes. Atmospheric pressure influences much less the person as his organism possesses ability quickly to adapt to the most various changes in the atmosphere. Adapts only to very low pressure of people longer. Frustration of health can happen only at sharp fluctuations of atmospheric pressure. But it belongs only to extreme values of pressure.

Value of wind for health of an organism is defined by what wind bears with itself: heat or cold, dryness or dampness, it is pure or it is polluted. Wind exerts positive impact on the atmosphere of the inhabited places, purifying air of impurity, harmful to the person, but can have also negative effect, for example, to transfer from one district to another of causative agents of infectious diseases. The atmospheric electricity promotes education in the atmosphere of the ozone purifying air of the organic, easily oxidized harmful impurity. However the increased tension of electric field in the atmosphere can make pathogenic impact on some people.

The hot humid climate is dangerous by distribution of many pernicious diseases (malaria, yellow fever, dysentery, etc.) . And the people who got used to a hot humid climate badly adapt to resettlement in other climatic conditions. Especially adversely such climate influences Europeans. In roast, but an arid climate its adverse influence is eliminated with selection of clothes, reception of easy food in moderate quantities, the correct distribution of work on time of day and care of body skin for improvement of its main function - evaporation of water for the purpose of cooling.

The frigid climate bears the troubles with low air temperature. Against it the person can successfully fight, having equipped the life with advantage for health. Warm clothes, well arranged housing serve as reliable protection against cold, and the corresponding food containing the increased amount of fats supports thermal balance of a human body at the necessary level. And not incidentally our northern natives eat generally fat and meat of animals.

The temperate climate is optimum for people. There the person spends less than forces for fight against cold and surplus of heat, and these expenses there are less reserve forces of an organism. And it leaves enough time for cerebration and improvement of life of people. Conditions of a temperate climate customize nervous system of people on continuous activity. Therefore the people living in a temperate climate reached the highest development in all areas.

At the same time beneficial influence on people with pathologies is exerted at least by short-term stay in seaside and mountain climate. At the choice of the district for the medical purposes it is necessary to provide a number of conditions: 1) the condition of weather has to allow to be long in the fresh air; 2) air whenever possible has to be pure and dry; 3) the district has to be hilly, with water basins, the woods or forest plantings, various picturesque vicinities.

That atmospheric changes did not influence you, dear readers, support the organism in a healthy state by preventive measures (charging, sport, walks in the fresh air, not to drink, not to smoke etc.). Do not wait until the fried rooster in the top of the head pecks so that it is necessary to be treated and suffer from differences of weather and atmospheric fluctuations.

And good luck!