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Ancient “marble verst pyramids“ on Moskovsky Avenue. Paving of streets.

Since 1772 on Tsarskoselskaya Road (nowadays Moskovsky Avenue) began to establish “marble verst pyramids“ with which replaced the wooden, standing since Petrovsky times milestones.

put the Initial column with a sundial at Obukhovsky Bridge through Fontanka, the last - at the Oryol gate in Tsarskoye Selo, on it the date “1775“ meaning time of the end of installation of “verst pyramids“ on Tsarskoselskaya Road is cut.

the Same registration was also on Petergofskaya Road: Kalinkin Bridge had first such sign, and the last - in Peterhof at the Top garden.

These harmonious, vytesanny of multi-colored granites and marble on the project of the architect Antonio Rinaldi milestones regularly served road signs nearly one and a half centuries.

on the verge of the first column, turned to the road, were cut fractions: 22 / 2 and 673 / 2 - 22 versts to Tsarskoye Selo, 673 - to Moscow, 20 - number of versts from this column to the Main pochtamp; on the following columns: 21 / 3, 20/4, 19/5 …

Post distances both earlier, and now are estimated not from external border of the city, and from his Pochtamp. On road signs in numerator - the size of a way to the settlement, and in a denominator - distance from the index to a local pochtamp.

As for a paving of streets, for the first time in St. Petersburg for a paving of pavements began to use six-sided face checkers in 1820. Them laid out Big Sea, the Nevsky to Fontanka, Dvortsovaya Embankment …

This convenient way of a paving of streets was offered by the inventor V. P. Guryev: streets got rid of trembling and a roar of moving crews. But it was very expensive way: only for a pavement of Nevsky Avenue wood more than 5 thousand trees was annually necessary … frequent floods put face pavements out of action.

In 1871 a pavement on Fontanka Embankment, between Panteleymonovsky and simeonovsky bridges, was covered with asphalt. By 1917 the asphalted roads and sidewalks there were already about 40 thousand square meters. For the first time asphalt was applied in the summer of 1839, but was not widely adopted.

the First sidewalks appeared in the city in 1816 according to the order of the sovereign Alexander the first. He enjoined “to found them on all streets, embankments“. Began this work with Voznesensky Avenue and Gorokhovaya Street to the Ekaterina`s channel, on Big and Small Sea, Million. Did sidewalks of granite plates, on two plates in a row. Pig-iron columns protected the sidewalk.

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