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Lyudmila Kasatkina: how the actress extended the “happy ticket“ in life?

When the countries the comedy film “The tamer of tigers“ directed by N. Kosheverova and A. Ivanovsky came out, 35 - the summer actress Lyudmila Kasatkina became the favourite of millions of audience at once. As Lenochka Vorontsova it was moderately crafty, clever and poetical. It submitted all not only the feminity, but also determination in desire to achieve a goal.

It is necessary to tell that organizers of the movie did not count on so grandiose success. And role of the actress of the comedy from this point was strongly assigned to Kasatkina until she proved that she can play absolutely different characters.

Future star of theater and cinema was born on May 15, 1925 in the village Volodarsk the Smolensk region (there is still a version - in Moscow) in a family of workers. Kasatkin` family had small country economy, small living creatures. During dispossession of kulaks parents, having taken Lyudochka with itself, moved to live to Moscow, being afraid to be banished to Siberia. After long searches of housing hardly found to themselves 12 - the meter room in a basement. And soon in Kasatkin` family one more resident, Lyudmila`s brother, Leonid who was born in the capital appeared.

In their sort nobody was connected with an actor`s profession, but as subsequently Lyudmila Kasatkina spoke, her father, Ivan Alekseevich, well sang and played a balalaika. Relatives of the actress liked to gather, read books, knew by heart verses. The general atmosphere of love to art influenced also little Luda. Still studying at school, it came to opera studio which was located on E. Vakhtangov Street, on choreographic office. Those years teachers of studio “bypassed“ schools in search of capable pupils. Low growth, the mobile and smiling girl was pleasant to studiyets.

Having got to the world of art, Lyudmila was engaged very diligently. She appeared on stage of the Bolshoi Theatre in corps de ballet more than once. But Kasatkina was not fated to become a ballerina. The high security affected poor health of the young girl. Doctors advised to replace a profession. But World War II began. Having remained with mother and the brother in Moscow, Lyudmila began to visit a theatrical circle at the house of pioneers. Here is how this time is remembered by her: “Forgetting about hunger, we endlessly rehearsed performances with which acted in hospitals of the city. It gave me huge pleasure “.

And summer of 1943 Lyudmila filed documents for receipt to GITIS which teachers returned to the capital from evacuation. 18 - the summer student of theatrical institute Kasatkina studied on a course of the teacher I. Rayevsky. At that time at institute B. Zakhava, B. Alpers, Yu. Zavadsky, A. Diky, V. Popov, N. Petrov, N worked with students. Bitterlings and many other figures of theater. Upon termination of institute Lyudmila Kasatkina was admitted to staff of the Central theater of the Soviet Army in which works to this day.

In GITIS Lyudmila got acquainted with Sergey Nikolaevich Kolosov , the future husband who after war continued training at director`s faculty. Cheerful and nice Kasatkina was pleasant to it at once. But Lyudmila did not hurry with a marriage. There passed several years before she agreed to become his wife. Even before war Kolosov worked under the leadership of the famous director A. Popov, participated in mass meetings, helped the director. And therefore Sergey was very glad that now and Kasatkina will work under the leadership of the glorified master.

The young actress Kasatkina with passion and passionately played all roles which offered her in theater. But the director A. Popov managed to make out big actor`s talent, ability to reincarnate in the heroines in Kasatkina. The first serious role of Oksana according to the play M. Aliger “The first thunder“ brought to the actress the real victory. Not less interestingly Kasatkina managed to give images: Zhenka in “The factory little girl“, Marfinki in “Break“, Nila Snizhko in “Drummer“, Anechki in “Ocean“, the commissioner in “The optimistic tragedy“, Maria Antonovna in “Auditor“, Florela in “Dance teacher“ and many others.

In total the actress managed to play in theater of nearly 60 central roles in the most different performances, from grotesque and to the tragedy.

At cinema the destiny of the actress was other, but not less successful though began a film career was not so promising... After triumphal procession along screens of movie theaters of the movie “Tamer of Tigers“ which made suddenly the film star of Kasatkina she acted in several movies, but they did not bring her former success. In Kasatkina`s theater it was already necessary to work with the husband, the director Sergey Kolosov who put many performances. When he suggested it to play Catharina`s role in “Taming obstinate“ according to V. Shakespeare`s play in television statement, the actress experienced nervousness. However she managed to create an image of the proud and independent woman allocated with mind and talent. The audience was bewitched by a ringing voice of the actress, plasticity of her movements, temperament.

This role of Lyudmila Kasatkina was noted at the II international festival of television movies in Monte - Carlo where it awarded the prize “Gold Nymph“.

The actress played in 26 movies from which 12 were removed by Sergey Kolosov. So, Kasatkina with gloss played Olga Semenova in the movie “Sweetheart“, Anna Morozova in series “We Cause Fire on Ourselves“, then the television movie “Operation “Trust“ where she created an image of the terrorist Zakharchenko followed. Sovetsko - the Polish movie “Remember the Name“ was removed by Sergey Kolosov in 1975. It won a set of the international prizes. And in the homeland Lyudmila Kasatkina received to Gospremy RSFSR of brothers Vasilyev for Zinaida Vorobyova`s role.

Practically Lyudmila Kasatkina and Sergey Kolosov`s all works at cinema became an event in the world of art. Thanks to the husband Lyudmila Ivanovna could reveal most fully as the actress, having played the most various roles, using the many-sided talent.

The honored actress of the USSR Lyudmila Kasatkina considers herself as the happy woman. It has a loving husband, the son Alexey (musician) and two granddaughters. It is beautiful and young-looking also today, despite age.