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How to give “ambulance“ to skin in the spring?

Here the long-awaited spring also came. However the mirror does not hurry to show to us the desired “blossoming“ image: complex influence of winter factors made the dirty deed.

The reason is that our skin has own protective film which collapses in the winter under the influence of a frost, wind, dry air of rooms. Deprived of protection, skin becomes vulnerable at once and is easily injured. As a result of a lack of nutrients reddening, a peeling, spots etc. of

However of a consequence of bad weather appear it is possible to eliminate if urgently to be engaged in recovery work. Face care keeps on three foundations in the spring: clarification, toning and food - moistening.


Wash boiled, but not tap water. It is possible to add broths of herbs - camomiles, parsley, mints.

For deeper clarification of skin use 1 - 2 time a week soft srubs and masks - films. Cosmetologists do not recommend to do professional peelings and polishing at this time as it increases sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet rays.

Recipe of a natural srub: to take honey, a yolk, oat-flakes and soda on 1 tablespoon (at sensitive skin soda can be excluded). Everything carefully to mix, apply on the cleared skin with an even layer and to hold from 2 to 15 minutes. To wash away warm water.


the Final stage of clarification of skin - toning. It is daily necessary to apply the alcohol-free lotion corresponding to your type of skin. Wiping by an ice cube invigorates and gives very good effect. This pleasant procedure rejuvenates skin, smoothes wrinkles, narrows pores and promotes emergence of a natural flush. Use a camomile, a peppermint, rose-petals, leaves of a willow and a birch, a St. John`s Wort, a sage, oak bark. Fill in herbs with the boiling water, filter, cool, pour in molds for ice and put in the refrigerator. You can combine these herbs, doing various infusions.

Moistening and nutrition

In - the first, certainly, is necessary to

the moisturizing cream. In cold weather we used the cream, fat, dense on a consistence, capable of hundred percent to protect skin from cold and wind. Now such cream it is possible to send it is stored in the refrigerator - to wait for the next winter.

For dry skin it is good to buy cream with oils to the carriage or olives. For mixed or normal rather soft cream with addition of hyaluronic acid or glycerin. Fat skin will be happy with a fluid or even gel - excess fat is not necessary to it, only components which keep moisture in cages (fruit acids, plant extracts).

For maintenance of skin in a good form it is necessary to do regularly nutritious and moistening face packs, necks and areas of a decollete.

Though short-term stay on the spring sun is useful, it is impossible to forget that in the winter skin, as a rule, is not exposed to direct exposure to sunlight, its protective functions weaken, and it becomes very sensitive to a sunlight. Besides in process of warming you will spend more and more time in the open air. Therefore it is necessary to wear sunglasses and to apply protective cream.

Remember that for preservation of beauty and youth your skin needs the same, as to an organism in general - vitamins, proteins, mineral substances, minerals and carbohydrates. Surely include fresh vegetables and fruit in the diet and do not abuse alcohol.

The healthy nutrition and regular cosmetic procedures will help you to meet spring fully equipped. Do not forget to find for yourself a little time, and you will feel soon that you are updated together with all nature!