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How to distinguish the astrologer - the expert from the charlatan?

the word “charlatan“ has different definitions, but in the context of this material we will speak about charlatans as about NOT the experts giving themselves for experts. So, how to distinguish the expert - the astrologer from the person, that not being, but giving itself for the pro?

1. The expert completely owns astrological terminology, but quite comfortably feels and without using it. Therefore if the person pours unclear terms (“the matter is that transit Jupiter kvadratit your natal Pluto“, “you have a struck signifikator of the tenth house“ etc.) also cannot explain you anything in available language, most likely before you the charlatan or “very“ beginning astrologer.

Of course, astrological language is symbolical, but any his concepts can be translated into the human language. And the professional astrologer who at the serious level analysed hundreds of cards and who discussed contents with their owners you want you do not want will learn to speak clear.

2. Charlatans are ready to construct a horoscope and to answer all your questions, using only date of birth. The expert will demand exact data - both date, and time, and the birthplace. Besides, will specify from where you know time and in certain cases will ask, where do you live now.

3. Charlatans - the people who are badly understanding a subject - think of a subject of a karma and fatality very much. They like to exaggerate and, having darted only one glance at a horoscope, to say that “three destructive degrees therefore everything will be bad are involved here and will do nothing with it“. It is necessary to run from such “experts“, at once and as it is possible further!

4. Charlatans very much love “maskaradny“ suits. The window can have it a cloak with stars, the astrologer`s cap, the telescope and other unnecessary knickknacks which problem - to make impression. The professional astrologer looks and behaves as the normal person. Imagine any consultant - the person working with people (for example, the psychologist or the lawyer) - and assume that any (adequate) consultant looks approximately also.

5. If first of all literally from a threshold show you diplomas about astrological education (show certificates and references of various astrological communities / associations) is an occasion to think if not of qualification of the astrologer then about his mental balance. The self-assured professional will hardly begin to focus attention on the papers confirming its education at once, its “diplomas“ are the qualitatively made work.

6. The charlatan always speaks about 100% of materialization of all the forecasts because he: a) wants to deceive you; b) really considers himself equivalent to God; c) just does not understand what he tells. Do not trust any absolute guarantees! They are not, especially in such thin business as destiny of the person. What is told by the professional? Nothing he says yes, silently works. He can say that in this YOUR concrete case the probability of an event can make 85% (or 20%), but it cannot give guarantees because it is not imperious to twist you as a puppet and to force to arrive according to the forecast.

7. The charlatan - not really competent expert - is engaged in all directions of astrology at once, and at the same time practices numerology, Taro and the hair dryer - Shui, and all this in one consultation. In it, I`m sorry, medley, astrology it can not appear at all therefore if you want “pure“ consultation, look for the corresponding expert. The professional astrologer and only in the sphere of astrology undertakes not everything as everyone has a specialization which can become all already with experience. That is the astrologer can be engaged only in medical astrology or only sinastrichesky - and in these affairs can be the best among colleagues due to specialization which allows to study a subject extremely deeply. Generally, the message of this point - is better less and better.

And here I will add a little information on of what experts it is worth being careful. Not so much because they are charlatans or the beginning astrologers, it is so much because … though in each case the features. Try to steer clear of experts who:

- smoke or take alcoholic drinks during consultation;

- use foul language or express the hatred / aggression to people around;

- discuss with you the personal problems or problems of other clients.

These three points are connected with the fact that the person does not respect world around that it is destructive. And as he did not solve the internal problems (and all points are signs of “good“ internal problems), did not arrange the life, it is improbable that it will be able to help you.

Also try not to address for consultation the expert who is very close to you emotionally - to the mother / father / girlfriend / wife etc. Just know that “not indifferent“ astrologer begins to add the emotions to professional map reading and to exaggerate / underestimate what was seen. So, mummy can see the magnificent sportswoman in the daughter, the sister can “predict“ terrible death “from water“, and the wife - to tell that the businessman from you will not turn out though actually everything can be perfect in a different way. And if you cannot resist such temptation (the living astrologer - nearby, also it is almost free), then just keep in mind that close people very much love you and therefore can deceive you, even without realizing it.

The special category is consultants with the strong external “features“ which are evident at the first meeting: the speech can go about a hump, severe squint / stutter / defects of the speech, lack of an extremity etc. Often such people have strong defeats of own personality that affects both their perception of the world and features of consultation and in general communication with other people. Of course, there are among them individuals of a high spiritual level of development who not only helped themselves, but are capable to help also you. But keep in mind: there is not a lot of them. Therefore there is no taboo here: only additional information to reflection …

I Hope that this small article will help you to avoid disappointments at the choice of the astrologer. What, actually, also I wish you.