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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 24 - 25?

strikingly differ This week from last not only quantity, but also quality of the novelties of the Russian film distribution presented at choice of the viewer.

In - the first, their everything 5: at total absence of Hollywood the list includes two Russian tapes, Italo - the French drama, the family comedy of production of Great Britain and … the documentary German - the English origin. In - the second, any of the above-stated beginners will not be able to become the sufficient reason to refuse to itself pleasure to enjoy coming in the spring in the form of stay in the fresh air. Today I will not persuade you to go to the cinema, on the contrary, my task in any way to dissuade you from waste of time. Especially it concerns one concrete “film masterpiece“. Further one after another:

1. My awful nurse of 2 (Nanny McPhee and the Bing Bang). - Continuation of the English comedy of five-year prescription. Peculiar treatment of the most popular story about Mary Poppins. The first part was shown recently on one of the central TV channels so persons interested could get acquainted with it. The famous British actress Emma Thompson acted in both tapes not only as the featured actress, but became also the coauthor of the scenario. The nice family picture with an excellent cast has to be pleasant not only to children, but also their parents. Unfortunately, it not that cinema which is favorable for looking on the big screen but it is ideally suited for a family visit of cinema. So if you did not manage to plan days off in advance, it is unambiguously the best choice of this week.

2. Dream in Italian (Il grande sogno). - Unfortunately, the Italian cinema in present time any more not that. These are Antonioni, Bertolucci, Fellini`s names and other pillars not only Italian, but also world cinema earlier, knew everywhere. And not just knew, and recognized as the leading innovators in motion picture art. With departure of grandees Italians ceased to dictate fashion, and the audience - slowly to forget names of directors and actors. However the name of Michele Placido, the director of the picture “Dream in Italian“, to the domestic viewer was engraved in the memory seriously and for a long time. Because the well-known criminal TV series “Octopus“ with the main character police captain Corrado of Catania in his execution were one of sensational telehits in the USSR. However, the actor does not deny too that this role became a serious milestone in his pit, having created huge surge in popularity to his person. Then passions ceased, after several foreign sorties (“Large business“ to the USA and “The Afghan break“) Michele Placido returned home where it is silent - peacefully continued to act in at film. And also with 1990 and itself became the director. Before us already its ninth director`s work. The social drama about love against rough 60 - x which was already managed to be noted at the Venice Film Festival. Chamber European cinema with unknown actors about far events, not enough interesting modern to the Russian viewer.

3. Marriage. - Judging by the poor available data is a comedy. Our production. As the director, the screenwriter, the producer and the operator one person - Konstantin Seliverstov acted. It is very a shame to me, but still had no honor to get acquainted with one of its works. However, it is even not my fault, but total absence of a sensation around works of this, certainly, many-sided and gifted cinematographer. Not everyone can combine on shootings 4 leaders of a position at once. Continuing to shame publicly himself, I have to admit, as I do not hurry to get acquainted with this movie so far. But it is forced to mention that the picture “Marriage“ also comes to movie theaters this week.

4. Big travel deep into oceans 3D: Return (Turtle: The Incredible Journey). - our localizers translated only one word “travel“ in the name of this documentary, other two - “turtle“ and “improbable“ - disregarded, but added from themselves the ocean, some return and 3D. In what occasion such violence of a nadmozg, I do not know, but as you will call the boat, and will float. The documentary cinema infrequently appears on big screens of movie theaters, but when appears, it means that before us something standing is valid. It is not sure that the three-dimensional format was so necessary here, but it is anyway interesting to plunge into secrets of life of underwater ocean inhabitants once again. Cameron also promised to transfer action of the sequel “Avatar“ under water so so far “we will be trained on cats“, i.e. on turtles.

5. Burnt by the Sun - 2: Prestanding. - I intentionally in the list the prime minister put Mikhalkov`s opus, incredibly pathos and deeply disrespectful in relation to our history, on the last place. I urge all to ignore these indecent cinema products. Believe, there are movies about the Great Patriotic War much more honest and real. Reconsider something from the Soviet classics better. For example, “They battled for the homeland“ or “The ballad about the soldier“.