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How to survive in Goa to the beginner? Notes of the paranoid

“Behind freedom in Goa!“ - the most widespread slogan among the youth which is torn to boundless open spaces of happiness and pleasure of this Indian state. But not everyone is capable to find what looks for on the far earth.

I advise preparation for a trip to begin in advance. It is better to study information on the websites of tour operators and at various forums. I strongly recommend to be guided not by one source, but at least three. So you will manage to create more or less objective picture of how to make the holiday happy.

On the native earth it is necessary to take care of the health. Many do inoculations before a trip, generally from hepatitis and a typhoid as about hygiene miracles in India there are legends. I did not go to inoculative point, having counted upon destiny and upon own consciousness. As opposed to such irresponsibility collected a huge package of drugs which I would have enough house for several years. As a result only preparations were useful for normal digestion, anesthetics, means after burns and plasters. Of course, sunblock cream should be taken with itself too. My neighbor in a bungalow in Arambole rescued me, having advised gel on the basis of an aloe belief: it helped to cure burns, and his girl - wounds after falling from the moped.

On arrival to the resort it is necessary to remember rules of the first safety, as well as everywhere. Be attentive, behave kindly. In India market - y are several times a week carried out (that is the markets). We were a little not lucky because night “sale“ was just in day of an arrival. We spent the sum of money, huge to the Indian measures, there - our skin gave out that we here and yet are not guided recently in the prices. And even understanding that we overpay several times more and attempts to bargain did not give any results. For example, one young man bate down at the seller the price for a scarf with 7000 to 2000, and in the last day of our stay in the country it became clear that there is it 200 rupees (these are about 70 - 100 rubles).

Once we came into the state shop where the prices are fixed, and were surprised - things many times cheaper, than in the markets, and it is not necessary to bargain - it is a pity that at that time almost all money already ended. Many indigenous Russians - goanets complain that tourists too razbalovat local street shopkeepers, and the last refuse to bargain. And it is natural - why to them to sell the goods at low price if they can wait for the only gold buyer who will help them to pay back for time them “small business“.

The following adventure which happened to us, - theft of all money from number of our friends. Therefore be not too lazy, clean money in the safe. There is a legend that to Goa many the Russian professional burglars (the thieves specializing in thefts of their numbers) who survive only on money from purses of newcomers live. The Goansky police did not want to do anything, having learned that their friends also came into number, except owners. In the middle of holiday, and we went for two weeks, sent us additional money - the benefit of banks there much.

Now about food and water. You treat it as though you houses, only a hundred times more carefully. In - the first, try to pass to the Indian food gradually. Local cooks love spices. Several times I tried to order a dish of “no spice“ (without spices), but it often remained unaddressed. I even had a feeling as if the cook prepares a dish, with nothing it is seasoned, and the waiter though yes podsyplt at the last minute a curry pinch in my plate. Fans of an omelet should prepare for what his Hindus roast from two parties! Therefore in order to avoid unpleasant situations it is better to warn about your preferences in advance. Vegetable salad it is unusual to prepare in many places too: vegetables in the form of the cutting which is spread out on a plate and is not mixed pour down on radius mayonnaise. Do not forget to tell “mixed“ (mixed) if you prefer house option.

At many forums warn that it is not necessary to drink juice from fresh fruit. But on my eyes with one person of any metamorphoses after a glass of such drink nothing occurred. It is possible to get poisoned with the dishes of the Russian and European cuisine prepared on the Indian harmony quicker.

The main thing, it is always useful to stock up with bottled water - it to you both for drink, and for personal hygiene.

In spite of the fact that the cow is considered a sacred animal in India, it is possible to find the prospering small restaurants specializing in stakes. Interestingly, who trains them?

If you plan to change often the place of housing - I advise to take with myself a sleeping bag. Because in some bungalows insanitary conditions prosper, and the fresh bed linen reminds rags of three-year prescription.

Never trust in Indians completely. After short calculations on arrival home, it became clear that those who jammed in friends most tore off from us at least twice more money.

The most important - to try not to enter with Indians the conflicts, hardly you though will prove something to them, but can strongly suffer.

There is information on dangerous animals in water. I want to report that in more popular resort countries for family rest - such as Egypt, for example - them it is much bigger at once. I did not meet anybody, except cows, dogs and the only dead snake at all.

I recommend to choose mobile operator local - it is much cheaper. Only be not frightened if since morning you are called and will begin to speak quickly something language, unclear for you, is only a type of advertizing, widespread in India.

The main thing in Goa is the sea and the nature therefore along with care of safety do not forget to have a rest!