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Than are harmful online - games? Part 2

Continuing a subject about harm online - games, there is a wish to report that the ideas stated in article are opinion of the author, and do not apply for the validity in final instance at all. You can agree with them, can deny availability in them of rational grain. But the author hopes that you will find here at least information for reflection.

So, harm online - games. Infinity and finance. Lack of final - and positive! - result, and dictatorship of money. It was stated in the first part of article. But minuses do not come to an end. Who is stronger than

- that and the rights

generally all issues in game are resolved by power methods. Monster? Do not agree with it, kill him. Some player prevented to collect necessary resources? If it is weaker, then it is simpler to kill him, than to spend time for negotiations. Game is based on opposition of two civilizations? And will come to nobody to mind to sit down at a negotiating table! Kill the foreigner, the gentile, that who has other skin color and so on.

And the game level of the player, the more “abrupt“ at it armor is higher, the easier for it to kill all who disturb. And, hindrances - it is exclusive in his opinion. For example, the same collecting resources for earnings of game money. Naturally, there is a competition. Just as in life. It is necessary to manage to grab a floret, a small fish, a pebble, someone did not seize another yet. Many players assured of the force arrive simply: kill all who hunt for the same resources, and after elimination of competitors, quietly collect pebbles - florets - small fishes.

How in life? Yes anything similar! You try to be got involved in a fight in life, for example, in the market from - for apples. Right there: bruises, militia, criminal liability and the other delights connected with violation of a law and order. In game there is no it. And even if suddenly the fan of power methods will come across the player capable to fight back, so virtual injuries do not hurt! And if good luck, so the winner is welcomed, he was strongest.

What is postponed in subconsciousness of the player? The belief is that it is possible to achieve the objectives by any methods , and, the power way is more preferable. Besides, impunity . As it was already told - virtual bruises are not visible, with virtual concussion will not put in hospital, and on virtual changes do not impose plaster. Well and, of course, the militia will not come, shaking by the Criminal Code. As a result of the lesson received by the player it appears only with a minus sign.

of Danger and an adventure

“Test extraordinary adventures!“, “Overcome dangers!“ - almost all call online - games of the plan “come and kill“. But what adventures are? Murder of the drawn dragon? Travel over the drawn countries?

Go to travel by a self-locking device across Europe, pass through Europe in the winter by bicycle (or at least on regional roads) - this there will be adventures. And to watch for the drawn trade caravans in the drawn desert sand is, I`m sorry, not adventures.

And about what dangers there is a speech? The monster will be stronger? Other player will attack and will set bruises or will break hands and legs? So not to the player, but the drawn character. And it - and injuries which do not hurt and blood to which it is not visible.

But the feeling of impunity gets stronger . In the drawn world it is so easy to overcome obstacles (drawn!) . If you want to be healthy

the generation of “computer children“ Already grew. Practically all of them pale, look underfed, they have a stoop, scoliosis, problems with sight. Nothing surprising, they spend the most part of the time at all not in the real world where wind and the sun, and in drawn. Where the sun - drawn, snow - drawn. And around - quite real and badly aired room.

And try to tear off the player from the fallen in love toy. Try to pull out it to the real world. Yes he will hold the keyboard teeth, and will seize a computer mouse so, as by means of mount not to take away. Purely bull terrier.

Besides, inveterate players in game have a great number of friends since the different ends of the world. Same players. They have common interests, common problems. They perfectly communicate, and real communication becomes much just already unnecessary, all needs for communication are closed in the virtual world.

But life in game and life with game - very different things.

Think, decide - to have or not to have

the Adult who conceived a liking to online - to games, much more simply. They can place priorities, tell themselves at some moment that murder of the drawn dragon does not cost family problems. They can separate virtual impunity from realities of life. They - a certain sort have an immunity against all that put in subconsciousness such online - games. Immunity which cornerstone life experience is. However, not always and not at all this immunity works, but it is already other history.

It is necessary children heavier. They have no life experience, they did not face many vital realities. They have no family problems from - for addictions to online - to games. Maximum - problems with study, but also here not any parent is capable to see interrelation, and will write off poor progress for the difficult school program, as a last resort - for dullness of own child.

It is more difficult to children to stop. And every day all of them are more involved to the virtual world, acquiring friends and acquaintances there, turning away from real life. Especially as in the virtual world so just to become the leader.

And all negative online - games is splashed out on their unprepared consciousness. Also gets accustomed there. Consequences are already known. Neither one, nor two stories about the murders and beatings made by children, fans various online - games. What is not surprising. It was already repeatedly told: injuries in game do not hurt and even if killed, that easy pressing of a key - and the player is revived, ready to new feats. When mix up in consciousness the virtual and real, with deleting of this side also many other things are erased. And virtual impunity leads to a lawlessness in real life.

So parents are recommended to observe attentively - and what carries away the child what game he plays, having closed in the room alone with the computer. It is desirable also to play a little most that precisely the nobility - what dangers trap weak mentality and undeveloped morals of the child on virtual roads.

And if it becomes clear that this game is potentially dangerous to the child, then it is necessary … No, not to forbid. Bans - the worst way out. Forbidden fruit is sweetest. But - to offer alternative. Real adventures. At least a campaign in the wood with tents - cheap but good. The real fishing - it is far more fascinating than catching of the drawn fish. True friends.

Eventually, virtual gingerbread not so sweet. Just because it - drawn. And as soon as the child will understand it - the danger passed.