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Than are harmful online - games? Part 1

I will make a reservation At once: it is not about all online at all - games, but only about various begalka - shooter games which literally captivated recently RuNet space. “Kill the monster!“ - call one of them, “Rescue a civilization!“ - ask others, “Test extraordinary adventures!“ - offer the third. And all this is absolutely free and absolutely available. There is enough only existence of the computer, connection to the Internet and - you press desires to play the button, you load game, and - forward, on monsters!

Free of charge, certainly, relative. Even the most free online - game is a business in which someone invested money and, of course, wants to receive dividends from the investment. Now the speech about another.

the ring has no end

generally all online - games of this kind differ from usual computer games in the fact that they have no visible global purpose. Any computer game has “background“: the spiteful alien civilization attacked Earth, and it is necessary to free the native planet; the angry sorcerer brought together huge army of bad boys, attacked good, took prisoner many people, and it is necessary to release captives … and so on. At the end of the game the player receives quite visible result: having broken through all obstacles and having destroyed a great number of monsters, it at last reaches the Most important Enemy with whose extermination game comes to an end. In total. Finita. The clear victory is kind over the evil.

Online - games do not come to an end. What is not surprising, it is business. And the longer and more people are involved in game, the big dividends are received by its owners. For players the negative moment is that all fights, fights, murders in the virtual world do not conduct anywhere (except increase of game level). It is not visible ahead of the Most important Enemy. There is no clear victory. The good never triumphs over the evil - there is always the next evil, more powerful, than previous.

It is possible to tell that it - as in life. Yes, any war, especially those which were declared as wars which will put an end to any aggression in the world was not the last. Always there was a new enemy, the new reason for war. But game - not life, and it ideally has to have also certain educational functions. And what is postponed in subconsciousness of the player who is busy every day with beating of various bad boys? Day by day … Only one: the evil is ineradicable. From this thought literally millimeter to another: if the evil is ineradicable, then there is no sense to fight against it , the victory all the same will not be.

In what force, the brother?

Who is the strongest than

in online - game? Who is the most successful player? Literally the icons, the legendary persons, the players who are an example of all to the rest are an icon of the game world - and in each game.

In such games not owners of intelligence are the strongest at all. Not polite, encyclopedically educated “botanists“. And those who could get to themselves “abrupt shmot“: armor, the weapon, a fighting animal - the assistant. And, all this “is abrupt“ is given not for valorous efforts on rescue of the virtual world at all. It is necessary to pay for it. Especially persistent players who do not have an opportunity to pour in real money in game master game professions. The same to whom laziness to catch the drawn fish, buy the drawn armor for quite present notes. And here the next legendary identity of the next virtual world is already available: weigh completely packed in the best (drawn) armor and having an opportunity to take out the coolest monster of game, having disengaged without uniform tsarapinka.

The morals getting to the children joining to such online - game: brains are not necessary, it is only necessary to have money , it is desirable - a lot of money, and then everything will be in chocolate. In order that delivered you a monument, it is not necessary to invent Periodic system at all or to save kids from the burning house. It is necessary to pay only.

The harm subject from online - games is not settled by the aforesaid at all. And it will be continued in the second part.

The author kindly asks to read up article up to the end, and then to accuse him of all mortal sins and misunderstanding of an essence online - games. The author reports that at all not against various charges including in incompetence, only asks that these charges were based not on imagination of the reader, and on really expressed by the author ideas and opinions.