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What crimes wait for Earth in the future?

the Businessman are in too intense rhythm of life. It often lacks time for the most elementary friendly chat. And the Internet gives the ocean of communication, and not with casual people, and with those whom you will choose. And it is not obligatory to leave for this purpose the house. In a world Network it is possible to consult on any question at the most professional level. Acquaintance of people on interests becomes extremely simple. The partner in life is quite often found via the corresponding websites too.

Expeditious business correspondence is already impossible without the Internet. Commercial transactions are more and more made on electronic open spaces. Now in the Network there are a lot of monetary systems controlling the huge sums. The Internet money - not fiction, they are quite real. At any moment of them it is possible to cash. Business step by step passes into a world Network uses it, more precisely, that gives tremendous effects.

Traditional advertizing begins to become cheaper recently as it is more favorable to redirect it to the Internet. And here that interestingly: if almost all commercial niches are employed in “Real“ long ago, there is a competition, then on the Internet - a virgin soil. The world network is public. Strikes with the range the number of free services. They allow much to accustom freely, and then, depending on the purposes and abilities, to begin the business.

I will not eulogize further advantage of the Internet. I want to state the assumption following from here only. Finally the Internet or Supernet (it is unimportant how the world computer network will be called in the future) will incorporate all kinds of activity of the person. I will buy any sneeze connected with paperwork on possession of property, sale and so on, it will be impossible without electronic interpretation. And paper equivalent? In it need will disappear soon. Already today the document in the form of the file fastened with a digital signature is valid.

Identity cards without which it is impossible to live now, I think, still long enough will be paper (or plastic), but also they will sometime disappear. All information about the person, his rights for property, personal data will be stored in uniform electronic archive of Earth. It will be necessary to know a code of access to them only. And the paper version of documents can be at any time unpacked for temporary use.

Literature, periodicals tend to be pumped over in the Internet too. Not absolutely literally. Most likely, the set of new options and traditional to gradually lose relevance will be created. On the numerous poetic and prosaic websites has now the right to be published everyone if is what to tell.

There is a question: whether bookstores will disappear? It is difficult to answer immediately. But present such picture. The reader buys electronic work, and in the nearest service center prints it with services of cover and the ordered cover (firm or soft). In parameters of the book it is specified how many copies are permitted to unpack. It is very probable that such service and will not be required, and the reader instead of the book will get used to open the portable convenient laptop and, having given to the text the format chosen by it, to comprehend information directly from the screen. But literature is already separate subject.

Everything that provides to us and still will provide the Internet, is created thanks to prompt development of technology and high-quality programming which paradoxes will be shown in all beauty in the near future. Crime - one of them. More precisely, crime shift from the real world in virtual. The world Network in the future will become integral and even a body of activity of any person. Therefore, also the sphere of crimes will be displaced here.

How we reach own information, entering the Internet? We set a user name and the password. During the work with e-wallets also the file with the certificate in addition is required. It is clear, that the first two parameters will also become a titbit for adventurers. To reach someone else`s money, to seize resources of the profitable website, to crack someone`s solid bank account - here motives of the future crimes. They will become more bloodless. However, and presently no mafia, any sane criminal if it is so possible to call him, seeks to leave behind corpses. Murder if it is made not in a fit of anger or a rush of jealousy, is made only as a last resort. And here - the purpose absolutely another: to be enriched at the expense of the neighbor or, more precisely, distant and to cover up tracks.

Somehow to me the letter came with the offer to crack any mailbox. In the attached file there was a register of the prices. In other letter I with pleasure was informed that I received a big prize in some unknown competition. But, to receive money, I should or arrive to London and to sign all papers, or to send a certain sum for repayment of costs. As you can see, rudiments of network crimes develop already now. Undoubtedly, identification of criminals will require special computer police.

The world which I outlined, perhaps will differ from this forecast, and is very strong. In general it is difficult to predict the future of equipment. Our far ancestors dreamed to fly and believed that it is possible. But with what they drew to themselves the flying devices? Flying carpet, not differently. They around themselves did not see alternative. And our ancestors presented other achievements of equipment in a funny look too. Imagine if their dreams were embodied literally, as if the emergency news looked now?

- A flying carpet flight Philippines - Dakar is captured by terrorists. Together with crew one thousand magic tablecloths for the starving children of Africa fell into hands of criminals … In the same way and we present to

the future on the basis of what already is around us. But the essence remains invariable - the world computer Network incorporates everything around. And crimes - too …