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Why to the person tears and cold?

All of us know that at strong emotional frustration tears and cold appear. When the person calms down, they pass. And all this with one purpose - to facilitate psycho - emotional frustration and physics - physiological violations of a human body. So why people cry? Why to the person tears?

In - the first, plaintive liquid contains the disinfecting substances interfering penetration of an infection through eyes. Therefore eyes during some diseases water. In - the second, by means of tears the harmful substances which are formed at a stress are removed. In - the third, at a stress with tears also psychotropic substances quashing tension and feeling of alarm are emitted. And not for nothing speak in the people: “And you cry - it will become easier!“.

Plaintive glands are under centuries, at the edges a century - plaintive channels. Per day these glands allocate about 4000 drops of the liquid moisturizing and greasing eyes. For this eye from time to time involuntarily blink. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals, oxygen, antibodies and enzymes are a part of tears. First of all they serve for maintenance in an operating and healthy state of such important human organ what the eye delivering to our brain the main part of information on the outside world is. But tears serve as also important indicator of an emotional condition of the person what is known more of. Under the influence of psycho - emotional excitement the brain gives command to plaintive glands, and they begin to work strenuously.

Process of allocation of tears brings out of a human body harmful chemicals - slags and toxins, and also stress stimulators - catecholamines. Catecholamines constitute special danger to a children`s organism, as explains more frequent crying of children in comparison with adults. Therefore, crying is the natural mechanism protecting from a stress. Control of this mechanism, control of manifestation of emotions of negative character represents serious danger. For this reason women who cry much more often than men live longer. The increased “tearfulness“ of women is connected with existence in their blood of special hormone - Prolactinum stimulating release of plaintive liquid, and also milk during feeding with a breast.

Cold not only accompanies a slyozovydeleniye at a stressful state, but also is a consequence of cold or SARS, seriously complicating the person life. There are unpleasant feelings, working capacity etc. is lost. Well, cold passes sooner or later, but there is a question: and why it is necessary? Cold very seldom happens an independent disease. At our organism constantly there are microbes and viruses, including defiant SARS, they arrive and from the outside, but their activity is blocked by immune system of an organism. Overcooling of a body or some of its parts, stay on cold drafts etc. become trigger mechanisms of cold, and then and SARS disease.

At cold vessels of a mucous membrane of a nose extend, they are overflowed with blood, its liquid part filters through walls of capillaries and irritates a mucous membrane of a nose. Mucous glands begin to work more intensively, and cold develops. The bulked-up mucous membrane of a nose and slime reduce the section of nasal ways. It becomes more difficult to breathe that strengthens inflow of impulses to a brain, increases excitement of its highest departments and strengthens action of protective forces of an organism.

The pathogenic beginnings are removed with slime, protecting an organism from penetration inside. At this time it is necessary to take measures for collecting slime (for example, a handkerchief) and to begin reception of prophylactics from a SARS. If the pathogenic beginnings nevertheless continue the action, fever - the increased body temperature joins. Temperature increase of a body on 1 - 2 degree helps an organism to cope with a disease, but at rise in temperature to 39 - 40 degrees it should be lowered drug intake.

By means of cold the organism tries to stop an infection in a nose, not to allow distribution it further - in a throat and lungs. The slime emitted by a mucous membrane of a nose in large numbers contains substances, neutralized bacteria and viruses. Cold is a protection, he will pass if not to disturb it, and to help. For this purpose at cold it is necessary to consume inside the increased amount of liquid and to wash out a nose the means diluting slime - physiological solution, akvamarisy, solution of food salt etc. The drops narrowing vessels should be taken with caution and in a complex with other means as they can cause swelled a mucous membrane of a nose which then it is necessary to treat long.

Tears and cold can be also an allergy consequence. The allergy can have seasonal nature (for example as reaction to pollen of plants) or constant character - from influence of house or production dust, drugs, food, other allergens getting into an organism through airways, skin, zheludochno - an intestinal path, and also from action of bacterial or virus anti-genes. In these cases cold and tears act more as symptoms of an allergy and cause the necessity of its treatment. But it already another story altogether.

Dear readers! At stressful situations it is much more useful to cry, than to reduce stress smoking, binge or, God forbid, drugs. Tears for this purpose are also intended to reduce stress. And at cold you do not hurry to fill in everything that will get under a hand in a nose. It is better to use a handkerchief, washings and prophylactics from a SARS. And good luck!