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And whether it is necessary to live - so?

Often we reflect whether we correctly live? And who defines this framework? In a family ourselves establish and governed, and laws. Without leaving a framework standard, we build the relations according to the habits, education and all last experience. We try to get used to each other, sometimes we clash, and all - generally we coexist peacefully. And quarrels, nevertheless, arise even more often... Also the understanding comes over time that SO it is impossible to live... And as it is possible - nobody will prompt...

Who is most often guilty of emergence of the conflicts? Husbands claim that wives,

wives - that husbands, and it is natural: at everyone the truth. And very few people try to analyze behavior - as the, and the half. To analyze much more difficultly, than just to criticize. And, observing family life of numerous acquaintances, I tried to describe some situations characteristic of us...

The terrible husband

Detishkam early about it, Though it is useful for


Returned the husband - the severe soldier,

Having been tired of military work.

Brovishch - together, a voice - roar: Give to

food! Was tired as a dog!

the Lad, having blinked, began to whimper,

without having held serious tears.

The wife in a minute grew old -

Still, thanks, not a set... Eat

, darling, warmed up -

your favourite food!

And the soldier banged kulachishchy -

Slightly a table did not burst with shame - Yes choke with

you with enty food! to me svezhak drag

A here!

Well, that`s all. The dinner is finished.

A is farther - dirty words game...

And lives with the fighter - the husband,

Though is time to leave long ago.

Familiarly, isn`t that so? Fortunately, women can stand for themselves and only not always now and not often do it...

And here other case. The husband is jealous the wife of all movable and immovable... As a rule, it comes from uncertainty in itself, various vital disorders, defective sex and many other reasons. Only the person, not guilty of anything, should suffer most often...

The jealous man

Sherlock Holmes rested

In memory dense long ago...

we Picked up an initiative -

Detectives more abruptly!

The husband at the wrong time home of

Was declared - terrible! -

Leave who here live,

will be late Soon!

Whose boots? Scarf? Coat? -

All them in a heap, on a floor!

Leave! - shouts, - not that

I Will break paws!

If it is only once,

Every day - to a shouting.

bruise to the wife under an eye,

mangles mountains...

At the jealous man life is difficult,

Cuts plain truth!

Is a pity, faithful to it the wife,

A could... about an ustatka.

Calmed down, lay down, there is no

horns? - touched...

Eh, a blade of grass - a small stalk,

As with you it it is strict!

And loves, speaks.

is lovely Again as before...

Only bruise burns,

Yes in scraps clothes.

And all the same - live and suffer. Of course, happens and vice versa, only much more rare when the wife - the jealous woman. Not therefore whether what women are more judicious and worldly clever?

And one more situation, alas, presently not so rare.

Not gigolo.

Ah, uvula! Words from it - as honey.

Balm on heart, vitamins - in soul...

C you nearby a nightingale lives,

would Put without a break it to listen, listen...

Yes here trouble - asked to eat,

A the refrigerator - pure as if the field...

A he poor-mouths with the last bit of strength:

Descend... Buy... There is no salt even!

And you go, including copper coins.

I comes thought simple only here:

A exists also Men...

I of a fur coat is from fur of an ermine...

You will sigh - and again in life it is shipped. Work, washing, kitchen - and over this


as a nightingale, one on light

Beloved husband. - And you pashas, wife!

Also you pull a cart, and the Word heats hearing.

I not the gigolo, and just is not present work... Everything you understand

. Only slabnt spirit, everything you watch

I at others for some reason...

Of course, it is not all extreme moments in family life, but also it is enough these examples that there was a desire to reflect: and whether so we live?...

A having reflected, inevitably we come to a conclusion: not so!

And, having understood it, it is necessary to cease to sigh and complain about vital circumstances. In total in our hands. You want to change life? - Begin with yourself. It is how banal, so and simply. Do not change people - change yourself. And life will change, it is obligatory - to the best. Circumstances are ourselves...