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Private life. Whether it will be possible to save it from total control? Whether

total control over private life with cancellation of a serfdom Left? At all not. It is easy to enslave the person a registration. The apartment that place in which he carries out the most part of life and that occurs within four walls is not a big secret.

In Scandinavia, especially in Norway, the population traditionally sought to live on farms which are separated by long distance. Such way of life made Scandinavians the strong individualists able to live in a solitude without being exposed to excess control. In Russia where the majority lives in the cities, and dwellings closely adjoin to each other, each step is easily traced. Actually our daily occurrence, and the sphere of private life in which the person is not observed is registered and can behave is narrowed relaxedly more and more.

A city civilization - the basis of the state - in exchange for comfort and protectorate, carries out the boundless power and control over the personality. Over time the city as a source of ecological threat and the center of police and administrative control has to disappear from the category of settlements. The future behind such settlements where it is impossible to bunch, it is impossible to get off in pack and need to control it is minimized. It is necessary to learn to live to one.

Recently among Russians the tendency which can only be welcomed was outlined: attempts to locate even not in the village where crisis, and on the farm manages. It can be explained not only crisis, but also aspiration to protect itself from invasion into the life (and death too). Losing in conveniences and comfort, the person gets freedom of private life.

The condition of modern society can be characterized as supervigilance. Not only the amplifying state control, but also economic interests and development of modern information technologies threatens private life. For example, participating in actions and polls, being registered on the websites, many even do not know how their data are used for what they remain and to whom are transferred.

Society is programmed on fear and danger and according to the law of an attraction life it becomes valid dangerous. Therefore now our behavior is observed, registered and estimated everywhere.

Video cameras cover the increasing space of public life and reveal where we are and to whom we contact. By the mobile phone we can be found with an accuracy of meter. Among other things not less than dozen of digital codes hang on each of us. That day when in databases fingerprints appear is near. FSB took mailings under control. And here on the way one more innovation: registration of tickets for the bus.

Many people welcome such technologies. They really help with extreme situations including criminal property, allow to receive discounts in supermarkets, to find the car or the child Vykhod, it seems to me, only in one - to get used to comprehensive control and supervigilance. But it is necessary to recognize: it is the end of private life.

Sufficiency of personal space, however, thing conditional. There is a numerous category of people, and unreliable criminal warehouse to which it is uncomfortable within public stereotypes and the general rules. An example - Porfiry Ivanov who the way of life threw down a challenge to human stagnancy and fell into hands of militia. The feeling that peep at you, does not allow to be oneself and forces to hide the real face. Trying to go beyond their limits, they seek to escape public and state control. Though it is necessary to recognize that these attempts are vain.

One of the shameful parties of human life - informing. To knock - it is bad. Informers broke many destinies. I do not doubt that there is a network of informers, it is offered to them to report in the controlling organizations. And the number of these organizations immeasurably grew and continues to grow further.

Personal privacy - the integral prerequisite of free society. Totalitarian systems constantly tried to take both public, and private spheres of life under complete control.