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Vualekhvost (goldfish) - GoldFish

of Vualekhvost (goldfish) - GoldFish

Vualekhvost or a goldfish (riukin, a shleyfovy tail) - the most widespread kind of a goldfish. Has a short, high roundish or oviform body and it is most remembered in big eyes. Actually Vualekhvost is brightly painted Chinese silver crucian. There are forms of vualekhvost to scales and without it. Coloring of a body of a vualekhvost generally red, and along with them there are also copies painted in yellow, white color, and spotty vualekhvosta which have fins and a body are painted in different tone.

the Male of a goldfish has outgrowths in the form of a file on the first beam of a chest fin and white rash on branchiate covers.

Food and temperature condition same, as well as at a goldfish. Vualekhvosta are very sensitive to sharp changes of water temperature. At its sharp fluctuations fall on one side or begin to float a belly up. Double tail and the anal fins which are strongly extended, thin, almost transparent. The main sight of a small fish - the long tail consisting of two, sometimes three - four accrete fins which are forming folds and hanging down like a veil. There are descriptions of vualekhvost at which the size of a tail fin exceeds body length six times. Height of a body of a typical vualekhvost has to approach its length, making not less the three fifth from it. At stable conditions of keeping or at contents them separately from other types, vualekhvosta feel better, are ill less often and longer live.

is the best of all to contain only decorative kinds of a goldfish in one aquarium. The sizes of a goldfish koleblitsya in limits - 10 - 20 cm

can live up to 20 years In an aquarium of Vualekhvos.


Is removed artificially.


Cultivation is possible after a year. Preparation for spawning is similar to other karpovidny. It is necessary nerestovik on 100 - 150 l with a spawning lattice, one or two sprays and a bunch of small-leaved plants in the center. It is one female better to put 2 males.

Fertility of a female - from 2 to 10 thousand berries. The larva leaves in 2 days. Already on 5 - y day whitebaits begin to float.

Contents in the Alushtinsky Aquarium:

Unlike a goldfish and a comet, a vualekhvosta are more exacting to conditions of keeping and cultivations. They need very spacious high aquariums with clear water (the salt structure is not of its great importance). In a vessel there should not be fishes who could be enough vualekhvost for fins.

Temperature will approach: 12 - 28 C. dH to 20 ; pH 6,5 - 8,0;

Is necessary intensive a filtration of water or it chastuya substitution - time in two days. Well get on with sebepodobny.