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How to make the woman silent? Stun her!

Came you home after a holiday, birthday of the friend or just after a meeting with the former schoolmates, for example. ““ not for nothing function! Well, I will make a reservation even if did not come, and came crawling.

He agrees: you are dressed not from Yudashkin, a hairdress at you not from Zverev, your smell not from Chanel, and more and more onions or garlick. You will not refuse snack, as in old kind times: the bunch of green onions in salt, a crust of black bread yes long loaf of sausage comes off teeth all participating in a wine party!

From aroma - to external data. The design of your person is altered by a lilac shiner, that is you - well not Alain Delon in any way. Came - you came crawling, it appears, reached a call. The door was opened by your darling, and you crept and fell. There is your girlfriend / wife, civil or official, begins to scold you, lifts shout. Compares you to different Amphibia and rodents or, on the contrary, to elephants and camels, and sometimes and insects. In total depending on dimensions of the crept body.

And you have no forces these shouts to hear. The voice of the girlfriend crashes into a brain as the dagger enters a feather pillow. Vessels of a skull are most strained as guitar strings on which still begin to play! You have no forces to throw nothing that powerful sounds from a throat of the girlfriend stopped, to apologize to her, even to tell a compliment. And here - that also should be collected all will in a fist, to rise to the feet... or from a floor to beckon a finger your girlfriend that she bent.

Now step by step we will consider how nevertheless to make the woman silent, especially when you “bungled“. So,

1. The passionate kiss


, having beckoned a finger the girlfriend / wife, to kiss it directly on the lips! Not to pronounce the word! Only to kiss. Let kisses will be sated with a smell of garlic or onions on which you had a snack. It`s all right! But lips of your beauty (witch) will slam, bile from them will not drip on your head, corroding a sore brain. Besides this passionate kiss you will show the sincere love to your ladylove! And it - costs much! At it the condition of “a white kaleniye“ will leave at once.

Then shouts in thousands of arrows will cease to enter a brain. The psychoemotional state will improve. Even somatic pains will abate. And your girlfriend will be moved to pity, will wash you in a bathtub, will tint your Blanch foundation, will put to bed and even, maybe, will praise then for sensuality and passion.

2. White strawberry

you Remember

how many the man in love in one of works suffered, trying to get for It a peach in the winter. Usual peach. And it got it! It is unknown to what victims it for this purpose went. Perhaps robbed shop. Perhaps found night restaurant. Perhaps attacked the truck on the route that transports exotic fruit. But it - got something exotic for the beloved! And the woman before muttering and grumbling became silent. A peach she did not want any more. And shish with it! She became silent. But you look: now each idiot in love will get a peach. I have other offer how so to strike the woman in the heart so that she struck will become silent.

Listen to my council. In Scandinavia local Michurin began to grow up and sell absolutely once forgotten thing - white strawberry. It not that red! Present: here they stand near, two transparent packings. In one - snow-white, color of a new sheet berry, and in another - scarlet, as a red flag. In Civil war “white“ (as a rule, people educated, graduates of cadet schools) fought with “red“ (as a rule, commoners) against the stop. And so, having presented to the grumbling woman packing of white strawberry, you stun her as the imperial officer, magnificence and nobility. Yes so what at it from it in a throat will dry up, and it will stop, being charmed by exotic beauty of berry. And from red (prostolyudinsky) to sense will not be … White strawberry - a generalized character. You will not find it - replace with something exotic, like the Persian kitten.

3. Money

One of imposing “moths“ (read my publicistic research of prostitution), which differed in garrulity in a bed and honestly recognized this defect, admitted half in jest: “I speak to it, the client: “Man! Shut me something a mouth if I am too talkative“. Men, on the simplicity, climbed in the flies behind tools, and it is necessary - that was at these words to dive into the wallet! The good sum will help to calm / make silent almost any lady. Having felt “lava“ in hands, the woman will involuntarily switch attention from you and your ugly, on her understanding, behavior to those things, services and procedures which became available to it with the cash (check) received from you.

4. Flowers

Are one more, rather beautiful, but nevertheless a banal way to make the woman silent. It is about a presentation of a bouquet of flowers. You remember: it has to be not the pathetic hungover broom that you dug from a bed in city park! I interpret a bouquet powerful, exotic, motley, magnificent. About what radiates such aroma what at your darling zapershit in a throat from a tart smell and the spirit will intercept from amazing beauty of this gift. I ask to understand a difference: you will bring a certain wet, bare broom instead of a large-scale bouquet - it is quite probable that this broom you will be quilted on cheeks, shouting at the same time continuously unflattering epithets in your address. And here the whole armful of flowers it - yes! Already much better! So, flowers - “slippery“, but nevertheless option.

5. Anti-human methods

Rude fellows and some crude yokels can advise you absolutely vile things how to make the lady silent. Type to stick a mouth with an adhesive tape, to strike a butt on the head, to hang the head of your lady in the filled bathtub and to hold it there, to hold … They are barbarous methods, sometimes criminal. And we deal with ladyloves! Not with witches and “telka“. Not with “chickens“ to whom krutanut a head - and the end. And with women. I repeat: sensitivity and tenderness - here our motto.

So, it is represented to me that the kiss option with a smell of onions and garlic - is very attractive. Eventually, you thereby help to kill all pathogenic microbes in her pharynx (mouth). The infection is afraid of some garlic yes of onions. But also other listed ways how to make the woman silent, deserve extremely dense attention.