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To work for itself - or “for the uncle“? There is no thought in other aspect of

Probably, the person who would not think of opening of own business. Especially actually it in youth - because of the bursting forth energy. But not always the situation is perceived adequately. From - for lack of experience.

Energy of experience will not replace. And not everything rests against money (let such thought and will seem to someone strange). We will talk about it below.

You would like to work for yourself? To be a cool businessman on a smart car? Well, let not strongly abrupt. Let average. Ordinary such businessman. But to work for itself.

Or, what is much more interesting, that others worked for you. Would plane something there. Or cooked. Would sell the toys made by other people - not you. And you once a month would drive on a car (as it was already told - a smart car) and with the words “Where Here My Money?“ a leg opened the door in accounts department. Or in sales department. Or at least in a pavilyonchik. Even if and not a leg, we are intelligent people.

Well, it is clear. Of course, wanted. To work for the uncle to nobody not hunting.

On the other hand, millions of people work “for the uncle“. And not on the, native uncle, and on the stranger, someone else`s uncle: the stale, heartless subject who is not wishing to raise without good reasons to you a salary. By the way, is in general working for the state. And it is even not foreign uncle who, let and heartless, but all - the person. The state is a mechanism. Sometimes debugged and accurately working, sometimes stirred up and loosened. But mechanism. Not the uncle.

Here also turns in the head: why these millions of people act this way? Why millions of people do it?

- Perhaps there is some secret which I do not know? - you ask yourself a question.

I do not know, whether a secret it. But the negative is everywhere. Even in a continuous positive: there are no shadows without light.

And so. During the work on itself(himself) there is one, but about - about - very essential minus. It is a constant nervous tension (whether suppliers will bring? though this silly woman would not file a lawsuit! and if suddenly crisis? and than I will sob out a salary if the account is frozen?.) . And it (minus) will not disappear only because you will passionately not wish its (minus).

Here so. Minus - one. But constant. But it is plus - a set. Both constant, and variable. Though is not present, main one too: you work for yourself . Not on the uncle.

You see how everything is simple? Thought of opening of own booth - choose that it is more pleasant to you: to work “for the uncle“ - or an eternal pressure.

And “on the uncle“ it is not necessary to strain. Nerves to itself(himself) will be spent by it. And you, whistling, to smoke a bamboo. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to pretend that to smoke a bamboo is extremely heavy occupation. “The hostess, bullets flew over the head“...

Well it to us trifling matter. So?

Some try to apply a way under the name “Deceive Destiny“. They argue so: “I will open own business. But to worry and I will not worry. As it will turn out - so it will turn out. Amen“. In this case crash - that is, disorder of firm - usually comes much earlier than if you honestly worried about the business. As if you try to deceive destiny, then be ready that the destiny will deceive you.

And not always money has crucial importance. Some throw everything - and go to Goa. Do not maintain moral oppression. Reflect: whether from such you? Perhaps it is valid, it is simpler and safer to work for you “for the uncle“? Or, as the option to become the freelancer. However, here - what to do, such is life! - there are merits and demerits.

But about it as - nibud next time.