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Bryzgun striped (fish - the shooter) - Banded archerfish

Bryzgun striped (fish - the shooter) - Banded archerfish

Bryzgun striped or fish - the shooter, fish - the sniper (Banded archerfish), in Latin - Toxotes jaculatrix - a small fish of family of bryzgunovy (Toxotidae), group of okuneobrazny (Perciformes). Bryzguna have a little squeezed from sides it is extended - a diamond-shaped body with the pointed head, quite long rylets and big eyes. Analny back fins are slightly removed back part of a trunk. Bryzgun Polosaty has quite bright coloring: in the top half of a body they have five black cross strips on serebristo - a pearl background from where and the name ôStripedô went. Such coloring is reflected also in local names of fish whom in Thailand, for example, call tiger.

In the nature striped bryzguna meet usually in Hugo - East Asia, Northern Australia and Indonesia. Bryzguna`s

most often keep near a water surface, watching movements of moving objects in the surface environment. At detection creeping on hung over water to branches, or the insect soaring in air, they swim up to a water surface. Put out a snout on air, and from distance, even sometimes the exceeding 1 m, force down production, sbivyya its

splashes of water. Bryzguna so precisely aim that misses happen quite seldom. If suddenly fish missed, then at the following shot she corrects a stream trajectory. As a result the pack of the hunting bryzgun which directed to the found production almost does not leave it any chances of rescue. The insect hit splashes at once is picked up by one of Striped Bryzgunov.

Let out a bryzguna water stream by means of a long narrow fillet in the sky which can be covered from below with a long tongue, turning into very thin tubule - a peculiar trunk which diameter even at large bryzgun does not exceed 0,15 mm. The thin tip of language is very mobile and serves as the valve closing and opening an exit from this

tubule. At sharp closing of branchiate covers water under pressure directs from a throat to the palatal canal, and bryzgun regulates a language tip the frequency of shots, sending a series of drops or a thin continuous stream of water to the purpose.

Bryzgun Polosaty in a native habitat can reach 25 centimeters in length, but usually it is less - the sizes koleblitsya within 10 - 14 centimeters. Bryzguna are quite timid.


of Water of Northern Australia, Hugo - East Asia, Indonesia and Oceania.

Contents in the Alushtinsky Aquarium:

for this purpose that Bryzguna striped felt comfortable, is recommended to choose an aquarium quite big - from 100 liters - an aquarium. Lighting should not be very bright and intensive. Soil is recommended dark. Also best of all than everything at scenery to use many snags and vamny, the domination is not recommended by a large number of plants. Bryzguna`s

are compatible also to other inhabitants of tropical waters which on exchanges by sopostavy or are larger than them.

Temperature is better to choose in 25 - 30C, dGH to 20, rn about 7, salinity to 3%.