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How the person is connected to the biosphere of Earth?

possess Ability to generate the electromagnetic field the gametes forming electromagnetic taksis which provides with information the spermatozoa moving in the direction of an ovum. The moment of contact of a spermatozoon and an ovum is followed by a bioresonance owing to which their general electromagnetic activity aspires to zero. This moment is starting for inclusion and/or strengthening of activity of the fermental systems providing introduction of a spermatozoon through ovum membranes.

the Zygote becomes the new resonant weight generating own frequency of electromagnetic energy. With emergence of a zygote the electromagnetic field changes: there are two power - the information subsystems which are in a sinergizm and united by one range of frequencies.

Thus, arise conditions for instant and free information transfer from the relevant cellular structures, fabrics, bodies of mother to an embryo and back.

In these conditions an exchange power - information between mother and a fruit is supported at the electromagnetic field level in the millimetric range. Emergence of two oscillators - mother and a fruit a picture of interferential interactions significantly changes because fruit ostsillyation constantly accrue.

Besides, changes is amplitude - phase characteristics of ostsillyation of a fruit create resonances of maxima and minima of amplitudes of modulation of a beating, the biorhythms significantly influencing organisms of mother and a fruit.

of Dvukhostsillyatornaya system of the electromagnetic field of mother and a fruit is open. External fields significantly influence a condition of this promptly developing system during the prenatal period. Those external fields are various levels of activity of mother: biological, power, emotional, and also fields of close people, environment electromagnetic field of Earth, and also artificial sources, for example TV, etc cell phone.

In these conditions sources of electromagnetic fields is mother`s organism: its bodies, fabrics, and also her radio body, emotions and thought forms. Sources can increase the frequency and/or duration of impulses and by that to strengthen influence of fields on a fruit. Emotions of pleasure and a grief have various effects of action on the water which is in cellular structures of a fruit.

During an embryonal development of the person which lasts about 265-270 days is formed of one, initial cellular structure more than 200 million cellular structures. For the period equal to time to three days, the zygote passes a crushing stage.

First - occurs approximately in 30 hours after fertilization and gives two similar daughter cells. The second - in 40 hours, forming four cages. In 50-60 hours the embryo enters a morrula stage, forming the sphere consisting of 16 and more cages. The body of an embryo develops from the internal cellular weight, a blastula. In process of increase in the blastul of pressure of liquid, a cage of internal weight form a germinal guard which, in soy the turn, is shared into two layers. One layer becomes a source of three primary germinal leaves: ektoderma, entoderma and mesoderms.

is formed Of an ektoderma an external layer of skin and its derivatives - hair, nails, skin glands, a mucous membrane of a cavity a company, a nose and back pass, - and also all nervous system, and also receptors of sense organs, such as eye retina.

throughout the entire period of an embryonal development mother`s organism as the multicellular generator is power - information background for an embryo. The embryo, in turn, transfers power - information of mother. Process takes place unconsciously. Susceptible mothers are capable to catch this power - information, however can not always adequately interpret it.

Thus, a metaphyte of the person develops from one cage, in a certain sequence. In the beginning from one germinal leaf - an ektoderma the nervous system and an integument develops. Therefore, between a brain, the highest centers of vegetative regulation initially exists power - information communication which defines emergence of zones of compliance in Goma - a power system of a human body. Physically system Goma - hetero power communications presents to

a network power - the information capillaries in material representation of these educations that is representing the tubes formed by intercellular spaces, cracks in membranes of cellular structures of etc. Their diameter less than one millimeter.

Capillary conductors power - information are filled with water in the form of blood, a lymph, intertsellyulyarny liquid.

Power - the information synchronizing fluctuations, constantly influencing compliance zones, with a high speed reach the highest centers of vegetative regulation of an organism - areas of a back gipotalamus and retikulyarny formation sinroniziruya processes of vegetative regulation and adaptation of an organism with external environment.

In our opinion, in zones of compliance of an integument of a human body are located congestions of mouths of information capillaries through which information comes to the highest centers of vegetative regulation and to the dominating cage of each body. Power - information capillaries, the knaruzh which are constantly deployed owing to the phenomenon of a capillarity are filled with water molecules.

of the Arrangement of congestions of mouths power - information capillaries a type of intercellular slot-hole contacts in an integument of the person define high biological need of a human body for reception is information - the power synchronizing, adaptation signals of a biofield of Earth.

the Mechanism of transfer power - information is presented by us according to K. M. Reznikov`s model, in the form of multichannel retseptorno - information system of capillaries:

1 - y - pereskok protons along a spiral of the structured water occurs in terminalyakh mouths power - the information capillary channels representing intercellular slot-hole contacts of the epitelialny cages located in compliance zones.

2 - y - formation of proton condensations and discharges along power - the information capillary channels realizing transfer power - information from compliance zones in the highest centers of vegetative regulation and to bodies and back, that is bilateralno.

3 - y - an intercluster exchange of molecules of water the clusters located in power - information capillary channels, and the highest vegetative centers, bodies and systems - bilateralno.

, in our opinion, make These components general receptor power - the information system of capillary channels providing bilateral is information - power interactions of disperse systems of an organism from cortical structures of a brain of the person, the highest centers of vegetative regulation of fabrics, bodies to organellas of cages, on type all are connected with all. Capillary power - information channels provide continuous bilateral exchange of information and energy of an organism with external environment

Thus, high speeds of exchange of information between systems of compliance, simultaneous and instant distribution of information to an infinite set of systems, nature of communication between them by the principle “everything are connected with all“, give to us the grounds to believe that loci of systems of compliance: electro-and acupuncture points, reflexogenic zones, charkas, are biometric reception - the transferring sockets - locators of telemetric information integrating a human body into the biosphere of Earth.