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Freelance - distant work the set of articles is written to the Internet of

About freelance. Many websites are devoted to it. This really standing direction on the Internet. Work on!

The name the freelance“ comes from the English freelance - in translation “a free spear“. Earlier so called mercenaries who were employed for the sake of personal benefit.

Today the concept was transformed to more peace. Now freelancers it is photographers, journalists, designers, programmers, developers of the websites, copywriters, seo - optimizers. Works are performed generally at home. Interact with customers by means of the Internet. Meet at the exchanges of distant work. Such as:

* free - lance. ru

* freelance. ru

* kadrof. ru

the Worker and the employer can be for hundreds of kilometers from each other. Using the Internet, they I can send orders and results of works. Such form of cooperation becomes more and more popular. In this case there is no binding to the concrete place of work and the employer. It is possible to work in conditions, favorable for you, at home, with a coffee cup, music, a cigarette. Creating, thus, favorable conditions for itself and the work. And in such conditions it is also worked better!

Such form of work allows to plan very qualitatively own work and free time. Allows to choose work which to undertake. Results of work will not be appropriated by nobody. The income level is defined by the performed work, but not the hours stayed at work. It is important that work can be paid for the western measures. If you know foreign languages, then will be able to conclude the standing contract.

Despite all delights of freelance, here, undoubtedly, there are also negative sides. One of them - instability of such work. Orders can be present, but can them and not to be absolutely.

Also there is still such moment as the guaranteed compensation. At first sight there is nothing more simply how to throw the hired worker whom besides you do not know and will hardly see. But it really happens not often. Nevertheless these difficulties not such and big.

Now in the market of freelance there are most demanded professional categories, such as:

* The

programmers * Designers

* Journalists

* Copywriters

Convenience of communication through e-mail, a possibility of exchange of information, adoption of orders on the Internet, puts these professions in category of the most demanded in the markets of freelance.

For the beginning freelancer.

It is necessary to begin first of all with search of own abilities and abilities which you will be able to present on the market of freelance. At good skills of programming you without effort will find the customer. Knowing English - you will be able to translate texts.

Organize the workplace. The computer, the fax, the printer, a stationery - your irreplaceable assistants.

Further be registered at the exchanges of freelance. Choose a little, having increased thereby the chances on search of distant work.

Decide on time which you will devote to freelance. You should not sit at the monitor round the clock. A serious job at the same time will not be got. Be defined and begin!