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... Also ice thaws, and heart thaws?.

Singing this lovely song, listening to singing of the first little birds who came back from the South, rejoicing to beams of the sun pale so far, it is the best of all not to dart coquettish glances towards a mirror. Because the following phrase - “and even a stub in April day a birch dreams to become again!“ - at simultaneous looking at in a mirror can lead to terrible experiences. Wintered, celebrated, were exempted from multilayered clothes - and there! Oh, horror: extra kilos! And all winter lived, it seems, in the usual mode … However it is senseless to fight against the nature: natural reaction of a healthy organism to our severe and cold climate - tasty and favourite food. We “jam“ both an autumn depression, and winter “hibernation“, and darkness behind a window, and permafrost under legs. Generally, we rescue ourselves in the most pleasant and easy way.

Unfortunately, it does not pass completely. Ice thaws from sunshine, heart - from “a high water of feelings“, and kilograms remain not the most pleasant memories of long and nourishing “wintering“. “… We will be engaged in a lunch, we will be engaged in dresses …“ - this sad song from the movie - fairy tales “Ordinary Miracle“ not so is not right. Especially, in sequence of occupations: it is necessary to go on a diet, to correct a figure, and then it is joyful to update clothes, expecting an ordinary miracle which so quite often happens in the spring … of

Many of us love spring more than all rests of the time of year... Let it whimsical, dirty, wet, slippery, with a rain and snow, with impassable pools... And for bad mood it is possible to find the mass of the reasons always: troubles at work, misunderstanding of close people, separation from darlings, a small salary, leaky footwear … and a lot of things are many other things. And here even spring with the changeable weather. That a thaw and pools knee-deep, and that unexpectedly strike the last March frosts, and you jump on the ice road and think only of to slipping and to fall …

But all the same, we love it! Since October we begin to dream of New year, and many are pleased not so much by a holiday, but also directly related feeling that here literally since January first time countdown which will terminate than other as approach of spring begins.

After a New Year`s Eve both February blizzards, and March frosts are already not so heavy … Because we know: it is necessary to wait for a favourite female holiday on March 8, and after it all will go, like clockwork.

In the beginning in air there will be a feeling of its approach, and all will ask each other: “You feel, already smells in the spring?!“, warm headdresses will be removed then. And by noon, when the sun will begin to burn “on - to the adult“, the first will start gleaming on streets pass - skirts. The men who yearned on barefaced female beauty will go with unnaturally twisted necks and with the persons warped from strong tension. Then the thaw will begin, the snow which was so bothered during the winter will blacken, thaw and disappear. And, at last, she is beauty Vesna, triumphantly will pass on our streets and the areas, the yards and lanes, fields, the woods and mountains and will dress the nature in extremely beautiful and gentle, trembling as young girls before the first appointment, light-green clothes …

I we will breathe sigh of relief: there now, came true, she did not forget about us, did not get lost and did not disappear, she came and filled with expectation of surprising opening, feeling of approach of new life. Because the spring is a hope: on disposal of old difficulties and alarms, on restoration of the health which reeled during the winter, on finding of new friends and darlings … Someone waits for

from spring of freckles and avitaminosis, but it can be corrected vitamins and cosmetics. And it is better to be optimists and to wish itself love. But it is banal - where it from us will get to, this love?