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The fan - Shui. Is it necessary to us?

the Concept “the fan is Shui“ entered our life long ago and strongly. We have mascots in the apartment and office “on the fan - Shui“, we hang up mirrors in traditions “the fan - Shui“. My familiar married couple within a year departed to a dream, lying the heads diversely, in other words, “jack“. It was convenient to husband to sleep-headed on a pillow, keeping an eye on the TV, and the wife - the head in the favorable direction calculated proceeding from year of birth (number of Gua). Unfortunately, these directions at them were opposite.

May we introduce something in our life from foreign culture, without going at the same time into extremes? As far as in general observance of the principles the fan - Shui in our climate is justified, at our plannings and the areas of apartments? How still concerning Russians the saying is actual: “Force the fool Bogu to pray, he and a forehead will break“?

The doctrine the fan - Shui arose in Ancient China. I represent China 3000 years ago, and before eyes - the Chinese pagodas, red small lamps, spacious light spaces framed with paper sliding partitions. Warm climate, tangerine trees, the blossoming wild plum of a meykhu. Energy is where to clear up. The doctrine the fan - Shui is urged to order and harmonize energy circulation, in addition. That is it is supposed that this energy, generally, circulates, to it is where to do it, but somehow incorrectly it does it, not in that direction. And the fan - Shui will push her where it is necessary, and everything will be fine.

As well as where, tell on favor, energy in the small two-room apartment of 40 square meters where 5 people with the belongings, cases, carriages and refrigerators live circulates? Energy crept there, quietly on tiptoe crept along a corridor, curtailed for a corner, rested against the deadlock. It was long developed because it is close, returned back and, having understood that got lost, went to bed. Sadly.

Once in the Russian log huts there was the, Russian fan - Shui: a place of honor, icons, an icon lamp, the furnace, a horseshoe over a door. Everything was correct, on the places, served convenience, to people and harmonized energy not worse the fan - Shui. The principles of an arrangement of pieces of utensils of those times are unfairly forgotten. Who talks to the brownie which of you disposes a broom a whisk up, “to money in the house“? Really in China it was known about us better, than by our grandfathers and great-great-grandfathers?

Yes, there are now both other houses and plannings where only kitchen - 40 square meters. Where several bathrooms, levels and floors, spacious cool halls with fountains, winter gardens, huge windows, fresh and clean air. And why, tell on favor, to inhabitants of such mansion the fan - Shui? At them and so everything is good, is given to me. I think, people not reached all this because slept-headed on the North or calculated number of Gua.

I admit frankly - I consider that for our Russian mentality, character, call as want: the fan - Shui is useless. The temptation is too big to lay down legs in the necessary party and to consider that in the life made everything for a favorable current of events.

Happy we will not be made by nobody - either husbands, or children, or money, or the fan - Shui. Only ourselves, daily doing something, pushing a jade ball of the destiny in the necessary part of the world.