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Whether you like to justify youselves?

Agree that to us in life very much disturb of the JUSTIFICATION . It is one of our addictions and one of fear signs.

B than are similar all losers? That for hundred percent the reasons why at them it did not turn out why they have one failures in life why they are not lucky as another are known to them. Construction and application of justifications is a national entertainment, to be exact national disaster.

I suggest to consider the list of the most often used justifications, to find in it the darlings and to begin to fight with them.


- If I had money

- If I had no family

- If I had an education

- If I found good work

- If I had a good health

- If I had time

- If there were other times

- If could live life anew of

- If I was given chance

- If nothing stops me

- If I was younger than

- If I was born rich

- If I could do that I want

- If I had a talent, as at other

- If I did not need to look for children

- If I could save a little money

- If me somebody helped

- If I lived in the big city

- If I was free

- If I was not such thick

- If I could pay off with debts

- If there was no that failure

- If I knew how

- If I had no so many problems

- If people were not such stupid

- If I was self-assured

- If work was easier than

- If I did not lose money

- If not my last

- If I had the business

Work over this list and write, please, in comments to article the most favourite justifications. After that begin to work on them, set the object - to get rid of justifications. What earlier you it will make by

, that a high probability that you will have time for achievement of the SUCCESS. You remember: “Life is a chessboard, and time resists to you. While you hesitate, thinking out justifications and evade from the course, time eats figures. You play with the rival who is not forgiving to indecision!“.

Take one more small step to your success, having got rid of justifications and you have “The satisfaction coming to everyone who won against himself who demanded wholly soon - and received wholly!“

“The main victory is a victory over the “I“. To be won by the “I“ - also it is a shame, and it is low“ Platon.

Note: in writing of article I used materials of the book of Napoleon Hill “Think and grow rich“. Spend the time for reading of this book - you will open for yourself a lot of new and interesting.