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How to develop creative abilities at the child? Part 2

is issued a set of materials, perspective from the point of view of creative development of the child, for various games Now. To it first of all the plasticity which is surely replacing plasticine belongs. Plasticity is convenient not only the fact that it practically does not stick to fingers. Products from this material can become eternal - enough only “to bake“ them in an oven. It is impossible to tell about plasticine of similar in any way.

From plasticity the child can mold various figures and the whole compositions. And, each of them can be immortalized. Thus the child can create a lot of things: from volume pictures for decoration of an interior to small figures - magnetics on the refrigerator (if to the plastic figure which already passed heat treatment to paste a magnetic).

Plasticity is a development of the imagination and an eye estimation. For creation of a multi-colored figure the child has to show remarkable taste, selecting color scale. Besides, similar “sculptural“ works help development of small motility and in general not bad develop muscles of hands, especially brushes.

Such molding promotes also wider knowledge and perception of the world of all its variety. Molding a magnificent scarlet rose or displacing a refined white calla from plasticity, the child better perceives beauty of a flower than if just admires a bed. Besides, try to force the child of years 5 - 6 to consider flowers on a bed just for the sake of esthetic pleasure. And here the molding from plasticity is capable to carry away for a long time, and looking at flowers gets then sense - it is not just beautiful plants, but models for future creativity any more.

By the way, about models. Not each child can think up and make a figure of plasticity at once. At best something crooked will turn out. Several such experiments - and he can lose interest in a molding. Continuous failures do not attract anybody. In order that to avoid it, it is possible to buy a set of magnetics of plasticity as an example. The child will begin with copying of others products as the one who learns to write, begins with “drawing“ of letters on others samples, and then will begin to create also the works.

For those who are younger it is better to buy color plasticity. Those who are more senior will prefer to paint the figure independently. Besides, independent painting assumes much wider color scale, than is capable to offer even the biggest set of color plasticity.

Plaster castings - one more opportunity to promote development of creative abilities of the child. On sale there are ready sets of plaster and forms for casting. And, it is possible to make various figures: fishes and birds, various animals, the “African“ masks, an art framework for photos and many other things.

By the way, some national handymen - visionaries use such castings in interior design. For example, the “African“ masks cast from plaster, painted with gold, silver and bronze paint, and then varnished are mounted in a tiled covering of walls - sometimes in the form of a border, and sometimes just replace several tiles, decorating a wall, giving it color.

Molds for plaster molding can be made independently - of a cardboard, having laid out it from within a form polyethylene. Of course, products will be simpler than those that are cast in factory forms, but the range considerably will increase.

Such sets for children`s creativity cost absolutely not much, and opportunities provide a set. Who knows, maybe, in your child talents of the sculptor or artist are hidden, and they will be shown fully if the kid receives a box with plasticity or a package of plaster in the order.