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universal deception?


After arrival to the White House of mister Obama many Russian-speaking observers and American do not lag behind them, obyvinyat the new president that it conducts the country by socialism. Here such sent Cossack of black skin color conducts the country in a hole of which she will get out only if chooses one more Bush next time. That who was the governor of Florida and according to commentators is even more conservative than his brother, kotor of rules the country eight years. As it did it - not a subject of sgodnyashny article. But the president Obama is so bad that mister Rush Limbaugh wishes him a failure in all its affairs, having forgotten on one moment that he means this failure for the American people and national economy. The main thing that the country did not come by socialism. Socialism became a scarecrow for the inhabitant and a bait for sufferers for a long time. Still until, as it declared constructed in the USSR. At the end of XIX and the beginning of the XX centuries this word was very popular among a certain part of society generally because the working class lived rather nasty in those days. It is no wonder that socialist ideas which essence is reduced to a great formula of Sharikov “everything to take away and to divide“ got a response in souls of people. Not only working, but also very educated which heard about Marx`s ideas and Engels. As a rule, classics they did not read (very boringly), but heard that in Russia new society without operation of the person by the person and so on is under construction... Business of the Soviet communists was helped by “useful idiots“ like Feykhtvanger, Barbyus, hot children from the countries of Latin America like Sikeyrs, and also journalistic small fry from “New York Times“ and other newspapers which painted delights of a new system. And very few people asked a simple question - and what is socialism? How at it human life will be arranged? Than it is good or bad? By the way, there is no scientific definition of socialism. Nobody saw it anywhere. And, above all, that it was supported with practice! Statement of type: “From everyone on ability, everyone on work“ cannot be considered as scientific in any way. It from the “Marx`s Doctrine Is Omnipotent because It Is Right“ series. Same rubbish. And here notice that till today the word “socialism“ and all derivative of it are words abusive in a lexicon of a huge number of commentators, observers, politicians... and simple people who, of course, did not see any socialism, but heard that it a baddy. From where legs grow? It seems to me that the main contribution in today`s idea of socialism that it is actually horror, was brought by the one who in December, 1936 declared that socialism won one separately taken country which call the USSR. He was called Stalin.

It meant that the private property on means of production is destroyed, exploiter classes are exterminated at the same time and won against socialist relations of production. The economic basis proclaimed the planned socialist system of economy leaning on socialist property in two of its forms - state and kolkhozno - cooperative. Thus the statement of Kamenev who was already managed to be shot that “the correct policy of strengthening of socialist elements in our economy we will prove as at a slow rate of world revolution socialism has to be under construction, can be under construction, will be under construction and will be constructed“ it was true. Constructed! And what it was shot? Here if it as Trotsky, claimed that socialism in one separately taken country cannot be constructed owing to certain reasons, and in particular owing to industrial backwardness of Russia then, of course... to treat him as the traitor of interests of the working people. All this would be ridiculous if it is not so sad.

the Theory of a victory of socialism in one country in general was deprived of any theoretical value if to speak seriously or at least to read works of Trotsky who in the writing against this “theory“ was very reasoned. It is no wonder that for storage of its works terms gave. And still! What reasons of impossibility of creation of socialism “in one country which is separately taken“? It is necessary to deal with it let at the level of the abc-book. In the twenties questions vozmozh - Nosta or impossibility of creation of socialism in one separately taken country were considered quite seriously up to creation of groups, oppositions, blocks and so on... “Theorists“ laid down four main conditions of creation of socialism in one, separately taken... Let`s list them and we will sort from the point of view of their embodiment in life. we Will begin

with the fact that at first have to be carried out a socialist revolution and I will follow - civil war, shchy behind it. War is obligatory, otherwise the ruling class cannot almost be exterminated. This necessary condition but obviously insufficient for creation of socialism. Bolsheviks managed to cope with it and by that prerequisites for performance of four conditions created.

Condition the first: More high efficiency of work than in the capitalist countries. Lenin was very anxious with this question and in the writing paid to it much attention. Here a sample (I ask not to laugh - because on this quote many master`s and doctoral dissertations were defended): “Socialism not only does not ugashat competition, and on the contrary, for the first time creates an opportunity to apply it really widely, really in a mass size, to involve validly most of workers on the arena of such work where they can prove, develop abilities, find talents, whom in the people a plenty“... Farther in this phrase of a reasoning about animals - ache entities of capitalism and they can be lowered. I ask not laziness to read whom once again this clumsy phrase and to answer a question - from what bodun “socialism... creates an opportunity to apply competition really widely“? From where there is such “opportunity“? It reminds me the “brilliant“ answer of one director - very well-known in days of the Soviet power. There was a discussion of some scene, and he told: “And here from - for a hillock the red cavalry takes off“. And the naive assistant asks a question: “And from where it will appear?“ The answer to the impudent fellow was simple: “From... py“. Here it is also possible to answer a question - from where there are “opportunities“. Socialism does not have them, but capitalism because at it development is based on the competition has them. Life forces. You will not increase labor productivity - howled - calm on a progress roadside as the USSR which just stole technological achievements of the West took off.

If to read attentively this mister on this subject, then is visible that except spells there is nothing. “Capitalism can be won and will be finally won by the fact that socialism creates new much more high efficiency of work“. Why creates? See above the phrase about an opportunity. Did not create and therefore did not win against capitalism. And what was only not thought out: the Stakhanov movement, socialist competition, at later stage of crew to whom - nistichesky work, then remembered about so lyubymy Lenin communistic community work days. Now community work days call providing free services by prostitutes to any roofs in Russia. A result - labor productivity was an Achilles` heel of a system which was called socialist.

Condition the second: The steady movement to socialist equality. Even it is somehow strange to speak about it, the inequality in the USSR was so strong. It arose at once after seizure of power by Bolsheviks - the top did not suffer at the time of military communism - guzzled, whored, moved over the country only in special cars with all conveniences, received apartments, official cars... As spoke then: “seized to free“. At - measures can be scooped from literature: in the novel “Quiet Don“ it was noticed that commissioners in boots stamp, and other Red Army men almost barefoot. In Beck`s novel “Appointment“ there is a scene when the chiefs who released the drivers, went to the subway and did not know, how much is the ticket. Now from life: the teacher told me how the class in which Solomentsev`s grandson studied went somewhere to excursion, and this grandson could not be pushed long on the escalator - it for the first time faced the subway. But I think that each of us living in the USSR will give an example of the social inequality existing in the country. Also it is necessary to notice that the movement towards a socialist inequality was steady. Prior to the beginning of a komllektivization the peasant was free in the choice of movement - he, for example, could throw the economy and move to the city on earnings. During the moment of the announcement of socialism victory it was already a serf and remained that long after death of the father of all collective farmers. In the seventies the elite already learned pleasures of a safari in Africa and rest on the Azure coast, games in a casino in Monte - Carlo and Las - Vegas and so on... In the same time nearly a half of hospitals had no water supply system, and the name “Upper Volta with Rockets“ of the USSR deserved just because the social sphere was in embryo. And what to tell about still not obsolete communal flats. Well, someone will tell, so was because Stalin distorted, usurped, destroyed the old Lenin swine and so on... And here if... Misters! At any governor there would be the same. The party, force the seized power, will never begin it to share, and will use it for the prosperity. It in human nature is put. The power corrupts and there is no place to disappear here. The luxury is not enough for all. What fought for! - communists when they saw how nepmana “show off“ shouted, and them them it is too expensive for the majority. Also crushed the New Economic Policy. Not only one Stalin is guilty - all party amicably smothered a private trader both in the city and in the village, reducing ordinary citizens to a beggarly state and appropriating that part sobstven - Nosta which before revolution was called private.

Condition the third: Cancellation of the state coercion and growth on a voluntary basis obshchestven - a self-government leg. Well, here too to speak especially there is nothing. Stalin quickly “corrected“ classics who claimed that upon transition to communism the role of the state in affairs of people and societies will come to naught. He told that before this happy moment the role of the state will be only vozr - to become. And it increased, nullifying any public self-government. Perhaps someone will find examples of such management? I can give only one - in housing cooperatives shareholders could vote for what concerned their property called by the house or the apartment. And where still citizens took part in life of the state? In general, the idea about dying off of the state in process of development of socialism and transition to communism always caused in me bewilderment. I was perplexed at the household level, did not climb in a philosophical jungle. There is a definition: the state is a violence. He agrees. But then me say to me that in process of development of society and increase of consciousness of citizens this type of violence has to come to naught. Citizens will be with moustaches... And here I asked a question: and if there passed the hurricane “Katrina“, the volcano of Krakatau blew up, the tsunami washed away the whole cities on the coast? Who will rescue people? Or plague epidemic flashed. Who will organize quarantines and will adjust treatment of the diseased? Who will protect citizens from the mad maniac? Who will protect the people in case of war? And to claim that at communism there will be no wars, epidemics, volcanoes, floods, earthquakes - it it is necessary to be the full idiot. Classics on - to something avoided nature questions. Where it got to in their reflections concerning future mankind? Where passions human got to in their reasonings? The person does not squeeze in proskutovo a bed of their constructions. People - not plants that they could be landed a row on a bed, to cut off, hill... on a kitchen garden it is good and convenient, in Versailles it is good because it is beautiful and it is not necessary to ask permissions to trimming of branches trees, but such things do not pass in human society. As say how many people, are so much opinions. Under capitalism pluralism a thing quite admissible, the luxury and wealth is not pursued too, public self-government only extends, and at communism or socialism society is not able to afford it and therefore at the person with requirements, opportunities and the main thing - Abramovich`s talent will not be chances voplo - to tit them in life.

I last fourth condition: Equality of the nations. Well, if the speech about the USSR, then it is necessary to forget about this condition as soon as possible because “the indestructible union“ only by means of violence over the small people was formed. The Russian troops won practically all republics. Or the people were attached violently without their opinion. These are the facts which smash the thesis of communists about equality of the nations in the USSR. I do not mention such “trifles“ as deportation of the whole people, the anti-Semitism attacks sometimes reaching paranoia level any more. And recutting of borders - the Crimea there, the Crimea here, instead of the South of Russia had the North of Kazakhstan, presented to Turks Ararat and so on...

So are seen all four indispensable conditions of a stroitelst of socialism in one separately taken country. All of them were outstanding and could not be executed. Socialism in the USSR was not. And what was? On this subject it is written already so much that there is no wish to repeat. His statement for a victory caused the mass of very eloquent comments in Stalin`s critics at that time.

Here example from Raskolnikov`s letter to Stalin: “The working class with self-sacrificing heroism bore weight of intense work and malnutrition, hunger, a poor salary, housing narrowness and lack of necessary goods. He believed that you conduct it by socialism when the dream of bright minds of mankind of a great brotherhood of people is achieved, will be to all joyfully and easily. You took away even this hope: you declared socialism constructed up to the end. And old workers bewildered asked each other: “If it is socialism, what fought for, companions“? In this fragment there is a lot of lies because it is written it by the person who was the same criminal, as well as all other Bolsheviks. The reader can easily distinguish where lies and where truth. The truth is that socialism was not constructed. That`s all. There was “an aspiration Soviet partiyno - the state bureaucracy to protect the ascendent position in the country and the international communistic movement and these purposes in advance to call socialism everything that occurs and will occur in the Union regardless of the fact that will occur on its limits“. I put this phrase in quotes therefore it is written by Trotsky. Socialism not only was not in the USSR, it could not be and will never be in one country of the world just as there cannot be communism. These are two chimeras which have no relation to real life of mankind. Socialism cannot be in one country, it cannot be constructed in several countries at the same time. Socialism in several countries is a leveling of the people which cannot be carried out in practice: the Frenchman - not the German, but the German - not the Chinese, the Chinese - not Russian and so on. All dreams of Trotsky which I do not sort here, the same nonsense, as well as the writing of Bukharin, Kamenev, Stalin and other graphomaniacs from socialism. Therefore to me it was ridiculous when Brad Pitt in one of show raised two thumbs up and cried out that socialism it is fine. He - just visited Sweden, Denmark, Holland and understood how socialism is good there But the matter is that it was in the capitalist countries where the social system of support of the population is developed. It has no relation to socialism as had no relation to socialism the monasteries sheltering and food to wanderers in the Middle Ages. In the countries which Brad Pitt mentioned exploiters - capitalists are not destroyed and there is a private property on means of production. And so far it will be - about any socialism of the speech cannot be.

Went years after the announcement of socialism victory to the USSR, the country passed through Big terror, war and other cataclysms, generations changed, and gradually the people acquired that it lives at socialism. “Old workers“ povymirat, died out - mostly in camps - and those who read Trotsky`s works were born new people they from in whom kindergarten inspired that they live at socialism that they have the happiest childhood that under capitalism the working class grows poor, the abyss between the rich and the poor constantly grows... People were held behind the Iron Curtain and therefore for them “Zaporozhets“ was the best car. People began to leave the country - Hump thanks - Ceva - and carried away with themselves fear of socialism which was not. It is similar to horror before you - feasts, witches, before all nonexistent that was invented by the person for the history of fear and superstition before something mysterious, not giving in to a rational explanation... The person can be afraid of the unknown. Such unknown can call socialism. It turned from dream into the better future in a scarecrow long ago for those who do not wish to think of the fact of lack of socialism in any society. The contribution is brought by any borzopisets who write about construction of socialism in America and begin it even with the act of counteraction to monopolies at the beginning of the XX century. Yes! It appears in the States began to build socialism earlier than in Russia. Long ago could already construct, and all in any way. Real unfinished construction. It is enough to begin to move to the authorities towards simplification of life of simple people, this cry rises. Remember what squeal stood concerning Medikeyr. And as a result - any socialism. It became easier for old men to live within a capitalist system which did not even reel. And today shout about socialism because Obama`s administration tries to finish a damnation of the USA - madly expensive medicine especially loudly sounds. Obama builds socialism! Misters! It is impossible to construct what cannot be. That is why Stalin`s statement for creation of a sotsilizm it is impossible even to call a falfik - a tion. The forgery is derivative of something existing. And to give the desirable for deyst - vitelny - means simply to deceive. Stalin lay, lay, and lay. His lie was exposed also an oprover - Ghali, but this universal deception, I think, will endure our generation and will make the life miserable the subsequent. Especially as there will always be well-wishers wishing to warm hands on this deception. It is too much organizations and people on this planet it is interested in preservation the status - kvo: fragments of communist parties, the ultraleftists, any socialists, pseudo scholars who promoted on the “researches“ devoted to socialism, Marxism, communism - nest to them numbers. Try to take away from them this piece of bread and butter. Yes drinks will tear. Here when these people who devoted the lives to studying nonexistent then will leave will forget about Marxism how people forgot about the old gods “existing“ during a pre-Christian era. To them admired for centuries, made them a sacrifice, built temples, the cities called by their name, and they fell into oblivion after Christ and Magomet`s arrival. It turned out that they were not at all. The Marxism is not two hundred years old. It will sink into oblivion much quicker.

P. S. For me from beliefs of a pre-Christian era there was always a riddle one thing: and - that priests believed in existence of these nonexistent gods?