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Orange and yellow. From where the symbolics of these flowers takes sources? Orange

“The orange sky, the orange sea,

Orange greens, an orange camel,

Orange mothers to orange children

Orange songs oranzhevo sing


(A. Arkanov “The orange song“)

Intermediate color with all that it implies from here qualities - a combination of excitement red with pleasure yellow. The South, the beach, sand, the sun, “the king Orange Summer“, a citrus, “orange mood“ - all this arises at the mention of orange color.

Orange color is considered one of the most optimum for coloring of an interior if we want to make it “warm“ and putting heart (are especially good soft pastel tone).

V. Kandinsky about color: “It is similar

to the person convinced of own forces and causes therefore feeling of exclusive health. This color sounds as average size the church bell calling for a prayer of “Angelus“ or as a strong voice of a viola, as the alt violin singing a largo“.

But orange not only the hottest, it also one of the most noticeable flowers (remember “Ikarusa“, working vests of road workers or life jackets of climbers and seamen).

Bright advantages of this color were perfectly used also in the Ukrainian policy during odious presidential elections of 2004. Positive and bright (especially against late fall) “ïîìåðàí÷“ made the advertizing company of Our Ukraine party extremely simple and effective. It was rather original that each person could position by means of a usual rag of fabric himself the supporter Yushchenko. The subsequent events finally made orange color odious - inseparably linked with “pomaranchevy“ revolution and a certain political force.


“And here me dreamed

that my heart does not hurt.

It a hand bell porcelain in yellow China …“.

(N. Gumilev)

Yellow is the sun, gold, ripe wheat, an egg yolk … It is the brightest, optimistical and ekstravertny color, according to Kandinsky, “wasting itself to the right and on the left“. Not without reason scientists consider that the first of flowers the newborn begins to distinguish yellow.

Pure “solar“ yellow usually causes causes feeling of pleasure, ease, heat. Goethe wrote that “… the warming effect best of all is felt when you look at the nature through yellow glass, especially in gray winter day“.

Gold color always expressed magnificence, luxury, nobility (we will remember aristocratic clothes from gold satin fabrics). In religion gold symbolized sanctity, royalty and communication with the Sun (the Egyptian god Ra, the Greek Helios and Apollon).

Probably, so did not read yellow color, as in China anywhere. During a dynasty Qing had the right to wear yellow clothes only the emperor - the Son Neba. Yellow was for Chinese color of wisdom and education. Many psychologists consider also now that it stimulates cerebration therefore advise to paint in yellow (not in krichashche - yellow, of course) educational classes and audiences.

It is possible to remember also the saffron-yellow attires of Buddhist monks symbolizing an enlightenment and refusal of wordly desires. However, the scientist - religioved E. Torchinov explains an origin given “dress - a code“ with more than prosy reasons.

Evgeny Alekseevich Torchinov “Introduction to a buddologiya“:

“Was changed by Tszonkhapa and color of clothes of monks in which several centuries the red color symbolizing wisdom - pradzhnyu prevailed; now again ancient shafranny color, a symbol of poverty and humility triumphed (ancient Indians wore clothes of white color; on the sun they gradually turned yellow, and they had such turned yellow appearance, being dumped from where only and Old Indian ascetics - shramana took the clothes)“.

, calling yellow “in the color joyful, invigorating and gentle“, nevertheless notices that it “is inclined to cause disappointment, hardly noticeable a subbag depreciates, disfigures, opaskuzhivat it“. And it is valid, once you make yellow dim and dark, its value will cardinally change. It will cause painful associations with an unhealthy shade of human skin (to enough remember at least such disease as jaundice).

Dirty yellow color, practically, accompanies all action of the novel of F. Dostoyevsky the “Crime and punishment “, giving it the unhealthy atmosphere. It both yellow houses, and yellow wall-paper in rooms of Raskolnikov and Marmeladov, and bilious complexion, and “yellow liquid in a yellow glass“, and “prostitute`s passport“ of Sonya.

The accurate symbolics yellow as signal of an illness goes since medieval epidemic of plague. Then all infected territories were marked with yellow crosses. Long time the yellow colors hoisted over the ship meant quarantine.

This color bore also other negative symbolics. It was considered as color of jealousy, greed, deception, incorrectness, treachery. Judas was often represented in untidily - a yellow cape, and nazis ordered to Jews to carry yellow “bandages of a shame“.

M. Bulgakov “Master and Margarita“:

“- She carried disgusting, disturbing yellow flowers in hands. The devil knows them, what are their names, but they the first for some reason appear in Moscow. And these flowers were very distinctly allocated on her black spring coat. It bore yellow flowers! Bad color“.

In the 20th century yellow color gained one more negative value - he became also a symbol of cheap sensational nature. History of emergence of the term “yellow“ of a press is quite amusing. About about hundred years ago one of a nu - York newspapers entered on the first page of the new character - the child in a yellow shirt who amused readers amusing stories and jokes. Other newspaper was not slow “to adopt“ experience of the first, from - for what between editions quite dirty scandal ran high. The editor of the American magazine “New - York a Press“, lighting these squabbles, also used for the first time expression “yellow press“.

As the brightest of flowers, yellow is widely used as an identification mark (“a yellow jersey of the leader“ or a yellow card of the football referee in sport, warning signs, striped it is yellow - black columns).

Bright, cheerful and coquettish yellow color in clothes you should not abuse. In a large number it becomes importunate, and is capable to irritate the same as often continuously rejoicing person irritates. Not without reason ancient Greeks attributed choleric temperament to a surplus in an organism of yellow bile. Also was considered that this color is capable to stimulate epileptic seizures therefore it was often connected with madness, and madhouses called “yellow“.

On it our story about yellow color, like sunshine, smoothly passes into greens of a vegetable chlorophyll.