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How it is beautiful to photograph the person digital “soap tray“? Seven simple rules

Being engaged processing of a photo by the nature of the activity, I quite often correct defects of photographers. Even professional wedding photos for which people paid a lot of money are not irreproachable!

Such actions as professional statement of light from several sources, use of expensive mirror cameras and interchangeable lens, use of a support for the camera etc., of course, improve quality of a picture, but are expensive and exigeant in house conditions therefore they in this article will not be considered.

And seven accurate and simple rules which implementation will allow you to receive qualitative beautiful pictures will be provided, photographing people even on simple digital “soap tray“.

1. The light source has to be directed to model from the photographer, and not in a lens in any way! And it is better to shine a little sideways that the model did not squint from bright light.

Children, I ask you, do not remove against light! Never! For example, it is not necessary to have in a sunny day of the person at a window and to remove it from the room, etc. Otherwise receive just dark silhouette against a window.

2. Remove close ups, using a double optical zoom , having departed for this purpose from model on the necessary distance. Yes, I understand that apartments at us small-sized, but... If to photograph close from model, there will be distortions called by a clever word “distortion“. That is the object of shooting will be convex as though under a magnifying glass.

3. Use the idle time which is not encumbered with a background that the model was not lost among details. Houses the curtain or a wall will be suitable for a background. Not a carpet!

4. Remove model from a background on 1 meter . It is necessary in order that the person most accurately turned out, and the background was slightly not in focus that will give to pictures volume. Besides, if to dispose the person closely to a background, on a background ugly sharp shadows will be cast.

5. Whenever possible use an emphasis for hands to exclude their trembling when shooting. Otherwise fluctuations of the camera can lead to greasing of the image. The built-in stabilizer of the image in a chamber not always for 100% copes with the task. For an emphasis it is possible to put elbows on a table, lean the elbows hands on a chair back, etc. of

6. Photographing the person against architectural object , do not put it closely to a monument or the building, otherwise the person will be lost, will come too imperceptible to a photo.

Get up from architectural object better at distance at which it completely gets into the shot, and the one whom you photograph, let will approach closer you to become noticeable in a shot.

7. Do in a row several identical pictures, manually or by means of the “package shooting“ mode. It will allow to choose and leave only the best shots subsequently, having excluded on what the person turned out not really successfully, blinked, etc.,

Cannot be foretold in advance whether the picture will turn out, whether it will be pleasant. Even at professional photographers from glossy magazines the considerable part of pictures goes to a basket. Therefore remove “with a stock“ and leave only the best.

Beautiful to you photos!