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Potteriana: how many wizards earn?

of Show - business - that kind of activity where career is begun, sometimes without having graduated from school yet - and try to obtain success. Not an exception - the actors who promoted to themselves in movies about Harry Potter - on a shooting stage the majority of them got at the age of 10 years.

From a dole - to the million fees

a Story about the boy who survived brought it to the creator Joanne Rowling about 1,5 bln. dollars. Perhaps, for Madonna or Robbie Williams this sum - only a trifle “on pins“, but for the former school teacher, at that moment living on a dole, the success was huge. The British dole at that time made about 400 dollars a month and though it many times is more, than the minimum wage in Ukraine, in Britain such sum covered only the most necessary. Now a revenue of Joanne Rowling - 192 million. dollars and it can not limit itself any more.

How many wizards earn

A lot of money the saga about Harry Potter brought also to the young actors who embodied images of pupils of school of magic on the screen. During shootings the leading man Daniel Redkliff became the richest English teenager, and now - and quite enviable groom. Its state taking into account the fees for six movies of a potteriana - 40,5 million dollars. On a solvency it was ahead of the British princes Harry and William already now. And by the end of shootings of the seventh, last part of a potteriana Dan will dispose of the sum more than 70 million dollars.

Emma Watson did not even suspect long time how many to her pay for Hermione`s role as parents disposed of her bank accounts. When the girl learned what means she owns, it turned out that the sizes of her fees surpassed the most courageous expectations. Its state - 21 million dollars. And, despite it, in 2006 Emma Watson nearly left Harry Potter`s shootings. According to her, it was just bothered by this infinite history. But subsequently she changed the mind - when directors raised her a salary. Not so long ago Emma Watson became the face of the model house of Burberry, and about that how many earn models, it is known to all. The career success did not discourage at it to knowledge, and Emma studies in Columbia University now.

Red and inconsistent Rupert Green, as well as his hero Ron Weasley, grew up in a big family, from a chetyrm brothers and sisters. By the time of passing of a casting on Harry Potter Rupert already had experience of participation in children`s statements, and was rather direct to appear on a casting in women`s clothing and to read a rap about why he wants to play Ron Weasley. The actor earned about 12 million dollars from the potteriyena.

How yesterday`s school students dispose of the money?

Film experts claim that main characters of the film of a potteriana already ensured the future - they can not work with present popularity and the income more at all. However, easily and to spend big money - especially when you are young and full of ideas. How reasonably actors treat the income?

Almost for each teenager dreamboat - to move down from parents to the certain apartment and to live life Vot and Dan Radcliff did not stint arrangement of own house. Its penthouse on Manhattan cost 4,3 million dollars, and the apartment in New - York - 4,9 million dollars. By the way, Dan does not miss an opportunity to earn additionally on the real estate. While he acted on the Broadway and lived in a nu - the York apartment, the actor leased the house on Manhattan for 20 thousand dollars.

Statistically, Ukrainians most often spend the first salary for gifts to relatives. Also also British Emma Watson who of the first fee paid to the father a trip to Tuscany arrived. And acquisition of a lodge in a ski resort - for 2,2 million dollars became the first purchase of Emma for itself.

Only Rupert Green allows himself mad purchases, and the example shows that not so far left from the childhood. Its largest expenditure today - purchase of a van for ice cream. And in addition - pair of gaming machines, the boat and the ATV. What here you will tell, boys always remain boys.

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