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Whether genetic Adam and Eve were familiar?

Bible, Life, chapter 1. “27. Also God of the person on the image created, on the God`s image created it; the man and the woman created them“. Chapter 2. “7. Also the Lord of the person from ashes terrestrial created, and blew lives in the person of its breath, and the person became hulk live. 22. Also the Lord from the edge taken from the person, the wife created and took her to the person“. Chapter 3. “20. Also Adam named a name to the wife - Eve (life) because she became a mother all living“.

In recent years it became fashionable to look for by scientific methods of confirmation to the facts and events described in the Bible. At first archeologists were engaged in it and even found several places on Earth where the paradise garden could settle down, then anthropologists and ethnographers, and quite recently and geneticists joined them.

Of course, it is very tempting by scientific methods to define where and when there were in this world Adam and Eve where they originally lived and from where their posterity began the victorious way on the ground. In the Bible about it there are no exact instructions, and the place names specified there are lost and forgotten long ago. Answers to these questions were given most precisely by genetic researches. They gave the chance to get into the storage of hereditary information of people which is written down in molecules DNA.

Genetic information is stored in chromosomes. - a chromosome only men have so-called Y, and it is given in a straight line from the father to the son etc. All lineal descendants of the man in a straight line have quite certain identical elements Y - chromosomes. If to study Y - a chromosome at the different people living now and living in the past it is possible to reveal how many at us forefathers. By this method it is established that all mankind occurs from 10 men. They were conditionally called Adam`s sons.

Women have a sign which is transferred from mother to the daughter too. It is in cages and “mitochondrial DNA“ is called (MTDNK). Studying MTDNK similar to Y - a chromosome, established that the mankind has 18 progenitresses. Let`s call their “daughter Eve“. These people lived about 140 - 145 thousand years ago, and genetic traces conduct us on the South of Africa, there, where there live tribes of gottentot and Bushmen.

Here also it turns out that all people on Earth are relatives. And the population of Europe occurs in general from 7 women.

In 2000 the group of researchers in the USA tracked travel of Y - a chromosome and MTDNK deep into centuries, having taken samples from men and women of all races and continents. Features of these DNA elements of the person is that they remain in posterity unlimited time and bear in themselves information on its origin. Therefore, marking them, that is having marked with any image, it is possible to track their origin from far man`s and female ancestors. The mutations arising at different times and in different districts can serve as such markers. Tracing these mutations in Y - chromosomes and MTDNK, it is possible to study related communications of people, ancient migrations of the people and in general mankind history in general.

It turned out that recent men received the Y - a chromosome from the person who lived in Africa 100 - 120 thousand years ago. On the female line traces brought there, into Africa. It does not mean that at the same time there did not live other women and men, just their traces in Y - a chromosome and MTDNK did not remain. At the same time in human genome, in its DNA other genes can occur from the most different women and men, except Y - a chromosome and MTDNK.

Unlike bible Adam and Eve, genetic (“scientific“) Adam and Eve not only could not have the general children, but also could not be familiar at all with each other because time of their life is divided by the millennia: Y - chromosomal Adam lived 100 - 120 thousand years ago, and MTDNK - Nye Eve - on 60 - 80 thousand years earlier. The difference in datings is connected with a research technique: Y - the chromosome is less changeable, than MTDNK therefore studying MTDNK allowed to glance in the past further.

It does not mean at all that Y - chromosomal Adam had no farther ancestor who awarded him with that unique Y - a chromosome. According to the assumptions based on genetic, anthropological and physiological data, genetic Adam and Eve had smooth hairless skin, curly hair, a little slanting eyes, swarty (but not black) skin color and the same growth, as at people now. Such people live in Africa also now. This tribe - a dignity, or Bushmen .

Results of these researches do not repeal either the act of creation of the person, or information on its development which is saved up by mankind and leave a wide field for further hypotheses and researches. And the fact that all of us are relatives gives the grounds to treat all people of Earth as to relatives, to sympathize and empathize them.