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Alexander Matrosov`s feat. How it was and who was near?

of 65 years separate us of those spring days when the last cannonade of the most bloody war in the history of mankind otgrokhotat. But the feat of the winners who cleared the native earth of enemy invasion is not subject to time...

It occurred in the heat of the Great Patriotic War when months-long national fight with the strong, artful enemy - fascism - already knew a set of examples of a military victory. But this literally shook mankind.

In February, 1943 near small, then to very few people the known village of Chernushka which got lost among the woods and bogs the shooter - the submachine gunner 2 - go a detached rifle battalion 91 - y separate Stalin (as it then was called) shooting team of volunteers - Siberians the nineteen-year-old Red Army man Alexander Matveevich Matrosov made the immortal feat . During a critical moment of fight he entered single combat with the enemy machine gunners who sat down at the earth-and-timber emplacement. Having broken to a weapon emplacement of the enemy and having shot cartridges, the courageous soldier without hesitation laid down a breast on a fire-spitting embrasure and the earth-and-timber emplacement made silent for a while. Those precious seconds were decisive for attacking.

Fight for the village of Chernushka near Velikiye Luki became part of strategic fight of our troops for removal of the enemy Siege of Leningrad, release from aggressors of the Pskov earth and Baltic. The message about Matrosov`s feat a lightning flew about troops, urging them to go forward, for defeat of the hated enemy. The homeland highly appreciated the Red Army man`s feat. To it the highest rank - the Hero of the Soviet Union is posthumously given. And a Guards shooting regiment where it served, awarded a name of the brave soldier which forever enlisted in the list of soldiers 1 - y companies 254 - go a Guards regiment.

Alexander had many followers. But the young hero was not the first who closed a weapon emplacement of the opponent the breast. To events under Chernushkami fighters of Red Army already made such feat. To this fact there is an explanation: the first about Matrosov`s feat was told by the divisional newspaper, and then material was published in the central press. Since then all country also learned about it, and his name became a heroism symbol.

Follows from the documents which are stored in Podolsk military archive that Alexander Pankratov , the political leader 28 - y a tank division was the first . On August 24, 1941 in fight for Kirillov the monastery near Novgorod he rushed on an enemy machine gun, having made him silent. In total in lists of the heroes who made a similar feat on fields of battles of the Great Patriotic War, over two hundred soldiers. “Fascist reptiles we will break


But me not only circumstances of this fatal fight, but also people who had to become witnesses of a feat always interested. In particular, destiny of the commander 2 - go a rifle battalion of the captain S. Afanasyev, the lieutenant L. Koroleva in which platoon from February 12 to February 23, 1943 served and Alexander made the feat. Interest was caused by destiny of the senior instructor on promotion and propaganda of a political department 91 - y shooting crew, the senior lieutenant P. Volkov. He reported to the world about a heroic act of the soldier.

Documents, front letters, memoirs of the former veterans, in many respects helped to reproduce a picture of that memorable fight, characters and aspirations of soldiers. Here lines from the letter of the captain Afanasyev directed to the family of October 22, 1941: “... did not send the letter to you, it was impossible. Since the beginning of war almost did not undress. For all these months was at the front, got to an environment, repeatedly it appeared on a hair from death... Soon again on the front. Do not mourn, perhaps, I will remain among live if is not present, then, so had legal proceedings so. Only I know one, it is sure precisely: fascist reptiles we will break! “.

And here is how the commander of a platoon of the Art. lieutenant of a stock A. Kashevarov characterized the battalion commander: “I report About the commander of a battalion captain Afanasyev here that. The fighting officer, by sight to him was somewhere under thirty, low growth, blond, vigorous, went always in a white short fur coat, spoke it is squeezed, clearly, a little bluff, was exacting, fair, in fight very courageous... “ managed to establish

From the found information that the captain Afanasyev was seriously injured in fight near the same village of Chernushka on February 25, 1943 and died of wounds in Moscow in hospital of Botkin on March 23, 1943 of

“I remember the lieutenant Korolev...“

here is how characterized by

A the lieutenant Korolev the former saninstruktor 2 - go the battalion E. Solntsevo : “... I remember the lieutenant Korolev... There was a fight, apparently, for Frying. Many our companions were killed in this battle. It happened in March, 1943. At night fight abated. Wounded appeared much. The frost grew stronger. The blood-stained clothes of wounded began to freeze. Water reached a limit. We with Varya Vojvodina removed from ourselves overcoats, dushegreyka and everything that could be collected collected, covered from cold of wounded.

To satisfy with it I am eager, it was necessary to kindle snow in palms and on a drop to moisten with collected liquid lips to exhausted soldiers. We were cut off from the parts. There was nothing to evacuate wounded and it is impossible. And here this heavy minute the lieutenant Korolev appeared. Ordered all who are able, to hold the weapon, to stand till the morning. And in Korolev`s platoon there was a handful of submachine gunners. Also stood. Somewhere at three o`clock in the morning to us with fight ours broke with supplies for wounded … To tell about it I can do nothing more. Whether live it? If live, then very big to it soldier`s gratitude for his courage and support in an environment that terrible night... “.

With nervousness you read these lines, and the imagination draws images of heroes. Leonid Stepanovich Korolev went to eternity in the hometown of Dzerzhinsk in 1953 - m. Eternal to it memory.

“The homeland and a family is all my life...“ the lieutenant Pyotr Volkov was h2>

the promotion and propaganda Instructor 91 - y. That drama day he reported from a first line in a political department: “I am in the second battalion. We come... In fight for Chernushki the Komsomol member Matrosov, 1924 year of birth, made a heroic act - closed an earth-and-timber emplacement embrasure the body, than provided advance of our shooters forward. Are taken Chernushki“.

moral beauty, honesty and devotion to the people are confirmed also by Pyotr Ilyich Volkov`s letters sent home from war. Here lines from them: “Good afternoon, dear Nyusha! I kiss all of you. Yesterday received from you two letters. It for me big pleasure. On January 29 sent you 950 rubles, and 80 brought in construction of a tank column. Events at the front that do not put - in our advantage. Some more blows we will also celebrate a victory. Though also big losses are inevitable. But wars without the victims do not happen. The homeland and a family are all my life. Live in hope for our victory and my return home. Well, and if something happens to me, then know that for the sake of the Homeland and happiness many give life today. On February 25, 1943“ .

Within five days after Alexander Matrosov`s feat did not disengage 2 - y a detached rifle battalion. From - for this of circumstance P. Volkov had no opportunity to personally report on command 91 - y crews on a feat Matrosova. On February 27, 1943 St. the lieutenant Volkov, faithful to the military oath and the debt, fell in the battlefield death of brave, protecting the Homeland from fascist aggressors. It is buried near of Chernushki.

Long ago war volleys died down. Severe time of the Great Patriotic War became property of history. But the glory of those days will not grow dim. It concerns hearts of contemporaries. And how many time would not pass with on May 9, 1945 , in our memory greatness of a feat will never be erased. And if this war came to the end in other season, the Victory all the same would mean updating, revival, return to life - what is born to the world by spring.