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From a position Goma - a hetero power system of communications any of the biological objects existing on Earth are not out of communication with the biosphere. The human body surrounds multilayered the biopower field by means of which the organism carries out constant power - information exchange with the biosphere. In the biopower field of an organism is held information on all processes happening in it.

Through the biopower field functions and processes of activity of an organism at the levels physical, mental and consciousnesses are synchronized. Through bio - the power field copes development of an organism. A biofield - storage power - information, a component of consciousness, thinking and - an intelligence basis.

Feature of the torsion fields of biological objects is that they can be and exist out of biological objects, however, the live biological object cannot exist without the torsion fields. Biological torsion fields do live live. This feature of biological fields is the fundamental property which is essentially distinguishing biological torsion fields from physical fields not capable to self-generation and transformation. The torsion fields connected with biological objects can independently change the form and structure. Such properties are shown in teleportation, synthesis of substances from physical vacuum. And according to enough authors of the phenomenon such are not neither unique, nor seldom observable.

Consideration of problems of consciousness of the person led most of researchers to the fact that a priori consciousnesses are the cornerstone power - the information processes happening in a biofield. At the same time ability and property of biochemical reactions to generate the torsion fields allow us to claim that biofields represent superpositions of the torsion fields which sources are the biochemical processes happening in somatic cellular structures.

Considering a consciousness phenomenon from a position of biological torsion fields it is possible to postulate: the brain of the person carries out functions of the scanner which is reading out power - information from a biofield. The following facts will prove a postulate.

In - the first, a human body, generating radiations of the torsion nature, possesses a material basis for removal of consciousness on biofield level.

In - the second, even by means of the most modern methods of research in a cerebral cortex are not revealed either the centers of thinking, or memory, or specific structures realizing these phenomenal phenomena.

In - the third, mechanisms neither consciousnesses, nor thinking, nor memories can - vatsya realizova in the form of nervous impulses in networks of neurons of a brain because the speed of distribution of potential of action along axons does not provide speeds of thinking and memory.

In - the fourth, the existing speeds of storing, extraction from memory of a prakta - chesk of unlimited volumes of information can be realized only at the field level with the participation of the torsion mechanisms.

I repeat, biological objects constantly accept - tell also nakapl - howl information and energy, and quickly - information exchange such integrates them into the biosphere prichinno - investigative communications.

Processes of thinking, decision-making are carried out out of a brain, out of a mat - a real body, and in the sphere of consciousness. The brain fulfills only consequences of process of thinking - its result. Thus, from bio-energetics positions, the brain is a control system of a material body, through a communication channel of consciousness of the person with se - the mantichesky field.

Researchers believe that the consciousness of the person is a product of activity is information - power fields with the participation of a brain which will transform fields to a mustache - toychivy power - information structures - thought forms, semantemes. There is a physical analog of a paradigm of the Semantic field, - fields of the Sense existing in the form of power - information structure which contains all semantemes and thought forms existing in the Universe. At the same time the quantum vacuum of the Universe is that structure which energetically provides unlimited potential opportunities of the Semantic field.

The energy carrier of the semantic field is the special form of vacuum - meon. The boundless volume of information making Semantic information bank is stored in it. In it neither the past, nor the present, nor the future possess semantic differences.

Researchers offered the theory of morfogenny fields. According to this theory, they contain all set of Knowledge. It is proved that biological objects perceive necessary Knowledge after its receipt in Goma - hetero system of communications. It is especially noticeable at such biological objects as ants, bees, birds, fishes, mammals, community of people. By pilot studies it is proved that morfogenny fields significantly influence structure and a form of material objects. It turned out that not only biological objects, but also crystals possess similar fields.

Brain neurons constantly read out from biofields the information energy necessary for ensuring mental processes of the person in each moment of life. The poet - mu biopower processes, having significant effect on activity a shouting - a ganizm of the person, are the integral link power - information exchange.

The person, being part of society, it is included in Goma - a hetero power system of communications. It is known that conditions of a pacification, goodwill, a stress, the aggressions which arose at one person induce emotions of the corresponding circle at other people. Anatomic the complete human body is presented by structural elements to a sla of - the blowing, lower order - bodies, fabrics, cellular structures. At the same time each somatic cage, in turn, is biologically complete, however, the structures making it, are presented by structural elements, the following, lower order, organellas, etc.

It is known that in a human body each its part possessing properties of complete structure represents it is information - the power copy of all organism. In which not only the anatomic structure, but also a mental condition of the person is dynamically displayed.

According to the general theory of functional systems of P. K. Anokhin, each biological object represents a complex is information - energetically and functionally related structures which interaction is directed to receiving positive adaptation result to influences of external environment.

Adaptation result of functional structures provides lives - activity of an organism in the changing environmental conditions. At the same time funktsional - Nye the system includes the operating, executive and controlling elements, systems of straight lines and feedback, and also a source power - information, providing it. Functional systems of biological objects - open sistemama - between them and environment there is a constant non-material, information power, and material exchange.

A human body, including about 70% of water, is a peculiar generator of electromagnetic fields of millimetric range. The electromagnetic field is generated by an organism during the entire period of existence, since a zygote, about - nizyvy an organism, all its bodies and cellular structures. The electromagnetic field of Earth is for the human body environment which is carrying out a role of the key mechanism of synchronization and adaptation to the biosphere.

Since the conception moment, during all life receiving a human body power - information from a magnetic field of Earth, the biosphere, creates own system power - information. Generates and transfers own power - in anat information to the biosphere - the gichny range of frequencies.

Water disperse environments perceive, transport in themselves, remember, reproduce and, at last, if necessary, transfer to other objects power - information.

Rather electromagnetic field of Earth the human body is the constant receiver, however, in too time can be the generator positive and negative power - information fields. The organism is surrounded much - a layer biopower cover which function is maintenance continuous power - information exchange with the biosphere.

The person, being part of community of similar to, it is included in Goma - a hetero power system of communications. In this system the constant exchange power - information, and matter is supported. Biological objects constantly support: transfer - accept, remember, accumulate power - information and matter, and quick - power - information exchange integrates them into the biosphere prichinno - investigative communications. In a human body each structural element variously - go level, contains operational information about all an organism. Information, on - going in each cage, contains data on all organism, including its functional states. Actual at present time information, an opa - is rativno displayed in special loci, representative points of a human body - compliance zones. Reprezantativny points are the major part Goma - hetero information system of communications. They contain information about everything, the processes happening in an organism.