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How to struggle with a stress? Anti-recessionary options

I will not paint banal options of fight against a stress it seems: to take a bath with foam and candles or to arrange shopping. To make shift in the apartment or to recolour hair. To descend on massage or to puncture to itself language. How to be if there is no money at all?

Words of the girlfriend, nowadays wives of the local oligarch were a turning point in personally my relations with a stress and with a financial question. When I to it complained of lack of means for completion of repair, it, having pensively raised eyes to a ceiling, told: “And here I remember when we had no money at all, I until the child slept, pasted over a wall with punched cards and drew on it an ivy …“ with

These words of steel for me revelation. In case of most of my friends and acquaintances, one of steressogenny factors is a disorder in the house, at worst - repair as a way of life.

Therefore secret of fight against a stress No. 1 : to throw out something from the apartment. It is useful on the fan - Shui, and from a stress and a trace does not remain. If, of course, for you still a big stress is not parting with things. Though even in this case the effect “Like cures like“ is gained.

We begin with small - to sort cases . Clothes which you did not put on year (considering change of seasons) -. Old -. Unloved - in general farewell. We receive a huge number of an empty seat in cases. What is pleasant - the nature does not suffer emptiness, cases are instantly filled with new clothes, from nowhere. Girlfriends begin to give you it, she meets to you on sales, to you buys it and gives the mother-in-law (in the presence of it).

Further we approach a question more globally, we begin to throw out furniture and kitchen utensils . I understand, painfully as from heart to tear off, but importance of fight against a stress has to be on the first place. On this way the husband who as the hamster, drags everything in a mink, and nothing will leave his tenacious pads can prevent you. Wait until it leaves for work.

I do not know how it works, but when I threw out the old microwave oven and the TV (secretly, certainly, when the husband was in business trip), money for the new microwave oven and plasma panel appeared. I dispersed and a hurricane walked on the balcony which is filled up with any “necessary“ things, as a result the balcony bared, but it was glazed. Literally one week prior to crisis.

Further four bedside tables, the old vacuum cleaner and the most part of a kitchen corner were thrown out. Pluses - the positive mood from amount of free space realized nearly an every minute. There are no minuses. In vain I called shift banal means of fight against a stress. Sometimes it as fresh wind. But shift has to be the madwoman, then it works.

On kitchen we lay a carpet and we hang up a big mirror. The drawing room remains without carpet (it in kitchen), but at once it seems is more spacious. Instead of a dining table we put a coffee table - visually increases space. In general any room with low furniture looks more, it is applied in the Japanese interiors long ago. To the nursery it is moved the remained detail from a kitchen corner. Somehow long ago, in an attack of the most severe stress, me all complete kitchen was it is moved to the room, as a result the one-room apartment became two-room. A stress for half a year it vanished as if by magic.

In the course of shift the whole strategy is developed - how imperceptibly to throw out things rather to throw out, least of all injuring the second half. It is possible to give to relatives and friends, to garage, on the dacha, anywhere … The concept “throw out“ for the senior generation is impossible. That is shift is and there is an ejection stage. The thing is put closer and closer to an exit and when your second half relaxes - a thing already on a garbage can. The more by the size on age the furniture which is thrown out by you, the bigger quantities of a stress is also more senior you neutralize. Especially, when you drag it to a door.

Secret of fight against a stress No. 2 : cheap repair. Means, spent for it, several times there is less pleasure which you feel, admiring the creations. Arm with a brush, a paint can, a roll of unusual wall-paper, glue, scissors and the imagination.

As an example: my friend covered with the paper soaked in PVA glue a wall, then painted it red paint. As finishing of a corridor used laser disks, having pasted them it is chaotic on walls and a ceiling. The roll of wall-paper worth forty rubles if to use details from it it as applications, is capable to change the house. Absolutely in a new way the interroom doors painted in unusual color look. Refrigerator too. Rest and harmony are introduced in soul by hanging out on walls of a framework with photos, and frames can be painted independently in color of an interior. Also replacement of curtains and a sticker of a ceiling plinth helps.

Secret No. 3, nostalgic . Attraction to the house of rather exclusive things reduces stress. I personally got a spindle of my great-grandmother from a garbage can, varnished and suspended over a door in a matrimonial bedroom. Got great-grandmother`s buffet from a balcony and restored. It was necessary to spend for a brush and to bank of a varnish, but in an award I received some of the most pleasant evenings and a rare thing in an interior. How many at you this lovely to the childhood and heart of things - figurines, porcelain dolls, an alarm clock which awoke you in school, a collection of badges? Things with history remind of fugacity of a present situation, and stresses of it are afraid.

Secret No. 4: replacing of flowers . It for anybody not a secret, could not but just mention. For giving there is not a season, lack of time and the giving, actually, and to replace couple of pots, I think, all is able.

In conclusion I want to wish to you to treat a stress, as the strong incentive giving strength and energy to change the life to the best. Stresses pleasant to you, fascinating fight against them and impressive victories!