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What is “A life grid“?

At our school a container “Izida`s Gate“ during lessons are told many years about a phenomenon under the name “Life Grid“, in this article I decided to share this information with everyone.

Part 1. What is “A life grid“ and as it can be used in correction of the destiny.

Each of us in life came up against situations which were difficult to be explained. Someone tries to forget quicker about such situations, to force out them from the consciousness, someone tries to find answers, understanding that it and is a way to development - studying still unknown, search of the reasons and interrelations. In this article I will try to slightly open a veil over one of the old and loved still by ancient esoterics subjects. This subject in the last decades caused interest even in representatives of scientific community. It will be a question of a so-called “Grid of Life“. The subject is extremely interesting, and very important for each person because helps to answer a question: why in my life there are these events.

At first is a little facts: in the spring of 2003, only fifty years later after opening of structure of DNA, the general mapping of human DNA is complete, and already today scientists are fully convinced that in DNA there is not all information necessary for reproduction of the new living being. It assumes that the embryo “reads out“ information from where - that from the outside, it is possible to tell that from there is nobody information space. For esotericists similar doubts are quite justified as in this environment many millennia exist the theory about “the Life Grid“ - certain is information - the power field structure connecting among themselves living beings, including, beings of one look. So, for example, the flying squirrel, is united by “the Life Grid“ with all other flying squirrels, the tiger is combined with all tigers, a dolphin with dolphins. And at incubation of posterity, creation of a new being comes at the same time thanks to genetic information of DNA, and reading of information from this peculiar all-specific power information bank. Existence of this phenomenon proves the experiment of the Japanese scientists known in science under the name “effect of the 100-th monkey“. On the Japanese island of Qassim located in the Pacific Ocean and the surrounded whole archipelago of similar islands the colony of wild monkeys whom scientists fed with sweet potatoes (sweet potato) lived, scattering it on sand. Monkeys liked sweet potato, but sand on it very much was not pleasant. And once 18 - the monthly female of Imo found out that she can easily solve this problem, having washed up sweet potato in the sea. Besides it improved its taste, as we know, monkeys love salty food. Imo taught it the mother, and then other young monkeys followed her example. And when the number of the monkeys who learned to wash sweet potato reached 100, unexpectedly, all monkeys living on nearby islands, suddenly, without any external motivation began to wash potatoes too before to eat it. These monkeys living on different islands had no possibility of communication with each other therefore conclusions of scientists were sensational - this fact became the proof of existence of the uniform information specific field. Since then, the concept “effect of the 100-th monkey“ removed to social psychology where works rather convincingly what numerous researches and experiments testify to.

we will address esoterics Now how they describe practical functioning of “the Life Grid“? It looks approximately the same as the children`s attraction “Autodrome“ looks. Probably, many remember it - multi-colored machines fasten to the grid placed over them special thin tubes, and in the place of a contact of a tube with a grid “spark“ burns. In the same way and with “the Life Grid“, only tubes represent power channels. Over each of us, in “the Life Grid“ such “spark“ burns. If the person bright, strong, well realized in life, with the high level of spiritual development, successfully realizing the mission, and being in energy of the native egregor, then its “spark“ burns brightly and intensively. There are also people with the dipped, sleeping “ogonechka“, the people living only for realization of some social purposes on thinking of spiritual development. It to “ogonechka“ contains the certain information on its carrier allowing to establish new connection with suitable people, to find the field of the application and realization.

Than can be helped by this knowledge with private life? For example, if “spark“ over some woman signals: “I take active living position, it is ready to order and take the responsibility, I suppress men“, on its light those men who want it from the relations with women will be attracted. “The highest I“ such passive man with need for the active and rigid partner, with unwillingness to take the responsibility, find through whom to be attracted to that who in the best way coincides with its expectations. Requirements at the same time have to be identical on intensity. Thus, the karmic debt is executed - each person from this couple naturally receives that he wants (consciously or not). And these meetings, as well as any other meetings, tests, the relations, places of work and ways of realization in our life come according to our inquiries! It is not enough to complain sense about injustice of life, or the crushing men, look that for inquiry you send to “the Life Grid“. Information in ours to “ogonechka“ can change both unconsciously, and is conscious. How it is possible to replace not bringing happiness “îãîíå÷åê“ consciously? In a case with our active lady if she wants to find happiness of a true matrimony, to create rather close and happy relations with the man, she needs to change a pole of the attitude towards men. If earlier it suppressed men, then now they need to try to give, for example, the love, proximity and acceptance. And what is important - to give exactly too! Option “cease to do something“, for example “to cease to suppress men“ poorly we realize. It is very difficult to change the position on opposite. To change yan for the yin, activity on passivity, it is almost impossible as for this purpose it is necessary to replace the majority of habitual behavioural patterns. And here to continue to give actively, but to give something other, it is much easier to make it. But the nuance is that right after adoption of such decision, our “spark“ does not change, on change of our program the made decision to work differently, and, first of all, the corresponding action is necessary not so much. And at first to such, made the decision to change, to the woman, those who are attracted according to old inquiry will come. And the most difficult is to keep and not to roll down on old habitual and already such lungs and natural reactions. That is men who need, for example, the rigid management come, and it is even possible to tell “run“ into suppression and psychological castration - a scourge modern muzhsko - the female relations. But if the woman keeps very much and to give, only love and acceptance, to disclose the feminity and to stimulate the man who was to it near on independent decisions and acts, its “spark“ in “the Life Grid“ eventually, will change on “I give love and proximity, I support and I accept the man“. In this case or the man near it will change according to its inquiry too, or its next meeting will already be with that man who is attracted with a new signal of its “spark“. Continuation of article read

in the following releases.