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Laughter without the reason - a sign... health?

What is laughter and why the person laughs, nobody can explain with sense. But, nevertheless, it is easy to notice that laughter, and good, vigorous mood go on life nearby.

Moreover, scientists established that the laughter not just accompanies cheerfulness, but also stimulates the immune system occupied with fight against enemies of an organism quite material. At the laughing person lymphocytes become more active, the content of immunoglobulins - antibodies, assistants increases in fight against diseases. Endorphins - the “happiness hormones“ produced by neurons block receipt in a brain of painful signals, cause feeling of pleasure and euphoria.

The laughing person right on the spot does peculiar exercises as if he carries out physical exercises. It moves a thorax, shoulders are shaken, the diaphragm vibrates. Muscles of a neck, a back and the person relax. Slightly the blood pressure increases, pulse becomes frequent that promotes improvement of blood supply of all bodies. As a result - breath is optimized, work of intestines is normalized and even cholesterol level decreases.

Power consumptions of an organism on five-minute laughter and its consequences for an organism are equivalent to forty minutes of easy jogging by a trot. Irreplaceable help in fight against extra kilos and a hypodynamia.

What now to force itself to laugh to restore health? Quite so. Psychotherapists do not consider laughter as antidepressant, but improvement of a condition of the people having a depression begins with a kind smile.

With age we lose ability to laugh and have fun in an insignificant occasion. What once caused an attack of impetuous fun with “for years behind the back“ is perceived unless by a reason for a faint smile, and even in general causes sincere bewilderment.

A smile of the chest baby - a sign of its health, but the laughing young girl on the street to meet far more simply, than the smiling lady grown wise years. Moreover, the causeless laughter in society is considered something indecent. Remember an evil saying: “Laughter without the reason - the fool`s sign“.

Also it appears in vain. Popular wisdom in modern conditions of a continuous stress is applicable only partially. In our century when most of fellow citizens overwhelmed by heavy thoughts and doubts, not to laughter has to laugh at each opportunity, on any it is not enough - malsk to a suitable occasion and even without it.

To force itself to smile “out of the blue“ not easy, psychologists consider that such ability can be developed trainings. Begin in the next morning with small. During washing in front of the mirror stretch lips in a smile. Pronounce several pleasant words, for example: “I good and beautiful, clever and kind, fair and cheerful“. Smiled really? Repeat several times.

Doctors consider that both the natural laughter, and artificial is useful. A difference in efficiency and the required duration. 17 minutes of a daily laughter over jokes, necessary in order that the depression never overcame, it is possible to replace with hour of laughter “on command“. The more often you will train, the better for health. Over time will become a habit, and it will be easy to operate own emotions.

Cheerful mood!