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Budra is ivylike. What grass will relieve of forty illnesses?

to my neigbour for treatment of a serious illness the husband from the village brings a grass from the grandmother - the healer. And often distributes it to many family and acquaintances for treatment of the most different diseases. And all are happy - make, drink, and everything passes. I all thought what the grass such that practically from all diseases helps is. Recently learned - it is of a budr ivylike , a grass from forty illnesses. It sometimes is also called a sorokaneduzhnik.

The neighbor goes behind a curative grass to Mountain Altai, for some reason considers it rare, but it grows everywhere: in the European part of Russia, in the Caucasus, in Siberia, in the Far East, in Central Asia. Loves the light, rarefied woods and meadows, glades and edges, coast of reservoirs. Can grow on roadsides of roads and near dwellings. There is this curative grass in the early spring along with snowdrops, small, thin, with small sinevato - lilac florets. The smell of a plant reminds a mint smell, from here one more name - dog mint .

The grass contains essential oil, bitter and tannins, is well-cared, pitch, saponina, amber and ascorbic acids.

For treatment collect elevated part of a plant only during blossoming, dry on air in a shadow. Appreciate a budra long since, it treats all organism. It is drunk at bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, cough. As remarkable expectorant means infusion of leaves of a budra, root or leaves kopytnya European and herbs of a durnishnik is widely known in traditional medicine: three tablespoons of mix are made in three glasses of boiled water and drunk for five receptions during the day.

Treats a budr of an illness of kidneys, a bladder, a liver. Calms at hysteria and neurosises. It is useful also for zheludochno - an intestinal path, it is drunk at gastritises, enterokolita, enterita. Use a budra at throat diseases, for removal of a toothache, at decrease in hearing, dropsy, malaria, gout, an anemia, dysfunction of a thyroid gland. The grass remarkably purifies blood at kindly - and malignant tumors. At female diseases prepare budra infusion with a dushitsa.

The budra ivylike and as external means at a scrofula, abscesses, ulcers, furuncles, inflammations of joints, fractures of bones, it wounds and various skin diseases treat is applied. At itch use tincture of leaves of a budra on vinegar - rub with it twice a day the struck places.

And not to list all diseases! Most often drink infusion , it prepares simply: it is necessary to fill in one teaspoon of a grass with a glass of boiled water and to insist within an hour. It is necessary to use on one third of a glass 2 - 3 times a day.

To collect a budra it is difficult, it sometimes hardly makes the way through last year`s foliage, and low - 7 - 10 cm from the earth, in the wood is a little larger. But, probably, there is some force in this grass if it one of the first makes the way to the sun in the spring, absorbs energy of its beams then to cure so many diseases. By the way, it is very useful to add this plant to tea or salads in the spring, it is possible to use as spice in meat dishes.

And still the budra can be put at the dacha for decoration of places where yet the lawn grass did not manage to grow up. It will be good to look it and in compositions with other flowers, it has beautiful roundish leaves.