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Let`s look at YOUR BACKUP PLAN to the truth in eyes: unemployment is a continuous threat; many industries endure decline; the stock market is unstable, more than ever before. And there is more to come. Warren Buffett, one of the richest people of America, told so: “This economic recession will continue 8 years“.

You think that it will not influence you? You think that you are on other side of economic problems? Well, let`s ask we to you a question: if you lose your work tomorrow, at the same time it is not important whether you are the director of the enterprise or the ordinary employee, and will not be able to find work within 8 weeks whether there will be at you enough money to survive? Yes or no? If your answer - “Yes“, what will be if job search takes you 16 weeks? Or even 52 weeks? If your answer - “No“, then we can tell you the following: You need to earn more money now.

It not the prevention is a reality. And according to official statistics is a reality for most of Americans. Edward Wolf, the economist from New - York university, told: “The majority of the American families have funds for a covering of expenses only in one month“. And if you are left without money, not only you will suffer then, but also your family and your children.

But you have an excellent work, isn`t it? You are in perfect security, so? No! No matter who you and what you are engaged in are, in modern economy of the rule changed. Think: if you work for someone another if you work for a salary how you can be in safety? Present what will be if your employers find someone quicker and more cleverly you? You will appear without work!

So what options you have?

First option: to go to get the second job.

Of course why is not present? But what your chances? You should pay surtaxes, to employ someone who would look after your children, to incur expenses on additional service of your car... And it in case all of you - are able to find one more work.

Second option: to live for percent from investments into stock market.

Of course, you can always relax and give your money to the broker who will work with them. But do not forget, the stock market is not some magic “Field of wonders“, it is always risk. And if your actions fall off, then your money will burn down too.

Third option: to begin own business.

Magnificent decision! Of course, at first you need to remove office, to buy the equipment, to sign necessary contracts, to rent warehouses, to employ workers... It does not seem such attractive any more? At the same time you have to know that 95% of small business enterprises are ruined in the first year.

Or you can buy franchizing - the checked system of business providing you with marketing materials, training and all necessary. It is the good choice if you available have several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Or you can become freelancers, or in a different way the independent contract employee. Excellent idea if you have marketing skills, experience of sales, accounting inclinations... Besides, to begin the business always heavy, difficult and risky. But only own business can provide control over the time, finance and quality of life.

Who those people who play golf at 11 o`clock in the morning on Monday? Who those people who catch fish with the children at 3 o`clock in the afternoon on Tuesday? Who those people who drive the Mercedes or Porsche? It is possible to tell for certain that these people possess own business. And good news is that you can do it too.

Think, America was founded on the principle of freedom, but she grew up exactly thanks to small business. Work on someone another, be it corporation or the government - rather new phenomenon. To possess own business, to be to itself the chief - here the real American dream!

So what choice remains to you? What business can suit any person? In what business big investments are not necessary, it is not necessary to have extensive experience or special knowledge? What business can be done on the basis of a partial or full employment? What business can give you rather serious money?

And what it for you serious money? Perhaps, it is additional 1000 dollars a month? Or perhaps additional 1000 dollars a week? Or even six-digit income? You perfectly know that money influences everything in your life. They influence cars which you drive; on travel in which you go to have a rest; on school at which your children study. And when you are the own chief, your life changes radically: You solve when to work when to have a rest when to wake up and in what to put on. It you, but not someone solve another.

So, you have an opportunity to take in hand control over own life. Therefore learn more about this business. About business which can belong to you which you can begin on the basis of a part-time, without workers, chiefs and big investments.

Think, you have only two choice: You can submit to economy, or you can control it. And it is your choice. So what plan at you? You had not much time as you think. You have to begin something to undertake because the government will not rescue you, your chief will not make it too. Everything depends only on you.