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Botion of a makrakant (Botia macracantha)

of Botion of a makrakant (Botia macracantha)

of Botion of a makrakant (Botia macracantha) - One of the most beautiful in a form and coloring a small fish. Fine ornament for any aquarium.

Large, territorial fish with the bright, evident coloring. The flock perfectly fits into an interior of a spacious aquarium. Deficiency of space and contents by small groups provoke skirmishes both with individuals of the look, and with other neighbors. Leads a benthonic life, likes to hide in shelters (crevices, blockages of a koryazhnik and so forth) . Under Botion`s eyes makrakant are the sharpest thorns - on one from each party. If the small fish is quiet, thorns are absolutely imperceptible, they appear only at stressful situations.

Lives a botion of a makrakant in waters of Kalimantan and Sumatra. Adult individuals do not form packs, only groups of several individuals, it cannot be told about thresh which gets off in big packs. Many large representatives can behave very aggressively and enter fights, such behavior constitutes big danger to smaller individuals.

External sexual distinctions are absent, but at a polovozrely female more convex belly. Some consider that the male is painted slightly more intensively, dark strips on a body of more juicy color, especially during reproduction. Fishes can make the clicking sounds. Prefers the muffled, diffused light, abundance of vegetation.

In the nature reaches length of 30 centimeters, in aquariums seldom exceeds 12 - 15. The large powerful body is surrounded by three ugolno - black wide, wedge-shaped strips, and the last comes on back and anal fins. Belly fins are painted in scarlet and black colors, tail - is bright - scarlet. Eyes are large, black, very mobile, under them there are sharpest thorns - on one from each party.


Is widespread in waters of Sumatra and Kalimantan

Contents in the Alushtinsky Aquarium:

For contents is recommended soft water with a temperature of 24-26 to C, without nitric substances, rich with oxygen. rigidity - 15 , rn 6. 5 - 7. 2. It is better to support fishes separately, in group of 5-6 individuals, in big aquariums with prosperity of the shelters lit with the muffled light. In bondage eat both live, and artificial I write. The minimum volume of an aquarium - 100 l.

As well as akantoftalmusa, as well as other types botsy, this look is sensitive to the medical preparations which are especially containing compounds of copper. Therefore when carrying out quarantine actions and at treatment of fishes it is necessary to be careful.