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The furious client - as to be on friendly terms with him

I want to warn At once - I will not consider here in what abstruse form to answer the client in case we properly bungled, and you will not find any scientific terms here. I write for people and about people, but not for “personnel“, and not from the point of view of additional cost, - just I want to share nablyudashka of the person for whom work with these furious clients was and remains a daily razvlekalovka (me, your obedient servants).

So, the first. Get rid the myth “The Client Is Always Right“. In - the first, the client - the person, and the person can be mistaken and as shows experience, very often. In - the second, people - not the robot, and it has emotions, moods, depressions (in each izba the rattles, me as to the Clown, believe). In the third, you - too the person (did not think of this fresh idea?) and you can quite be right (on probability theory, nothing impossible happens).

Second: You picked up the phone - what you do farther? You greet, you find out in what a problem, you enter data in base, you process information, you report to destination. And did not try to talk and hear? No, all of us LISTEN what is told us by very angry uncle (or not less evil tetka) on other end of a wire, but whether we here HEAR? Try to talk and HEAR that hurts this PERSON. Yes, the doctor - the obstetrician bore on the mother breaking constantly (once in three years) the device ultrasonography, at the same time all firm and each employee separately, but in parallel I heard that she talks to the honey - the sister, and understood that at the doctor the favourite cat got sick (and the broken device played a catalyst role). And on the next shout in our address I took an interest that with the pussycat (the aelurophile), gave phone of the veterinarian who is coming out to the house and helped to contact it. This clinic and this doctor became the best friends of our customer service.

Third: Let`s assume, all of you - heard “patient“, and understood that a problem not in your goods or service, and or in general in other area, or at most “sick“. But the patient LISTENS to you, but DOES NOT HEAR. Here it is not necessary to raise the voice and to pass to unprintable lexicon. To be angry too. It is necessary “to be built in nonsense“, i.e. to start talking language of your interlocutor, it is desirable at his speed and with his intonations - WITHOUT MOCKERY!!!! Yes, the doctor - a legochnik (kill me if I remember how it is written on - scientific), in extremely dry expressions informed that all diagnostic equipment of our firm needs to be destroyed as the constituting danger even not for one human life, but for all planet talked to me; and in service of call acceptance of us people work with diagnoses from heavy degree mental retardation to moronity. Why? At it asked to call brand, year of release and serial number of the device needing under repair. I asked whether he learns age of the patient prior to reception. I was called the silly woman because without age reception is not possible - and suddenly there the baby? Same other specifics. I asked whether he finds out a full name and a floor prior to reception. I was called the silly woman because without these data it will not be able to identify the patient. And at men and zhenshchy the specifics. Conversation was long, you already understood sense, the silly woman I was called by six times, but when after all questions I explained to him, as devices have an age (means, we choose between the gerontologist and the pediatrician), brand (means, we choose the expert of the general profile or the expert on kardio - a sistemama) etc. and if we send not that expert, then it is necessary to pay clinic twice, in conversation there was a pause, and me called by the CLEAR HEAD (With VERY surprised intonation). This doctor and this clinic became not only our friends, but also then told all as “is personified“ (fie, the word - that what) we approach people and as we love them.

Fourth, confirming the third. Sometimes (once again for all - SOMETIMES!!!) increase of a voice and use of an offensive language not only is not forbidden, but also is shown. And what to do if I talked to the commander of military unit concerning payment for work, and he does not use foul language, and talks. After five attempts to explain in what in literary Russian, and receiving the answers which are not giving in to citing, but brightly showing full misunderstanding by the interlocutor my introduction I changed a conversation subject introduction for five words in his language from which one was tsenzurna (“where“), the second - criminal (“bucks“), the others were also not subject to citing. We received money a cher day, and this military unit talked only to me since then - “they UNDERSTOOD me“!!!!.

Conclusion: you treat people as to people, but not as to “clients“, talk, but not “process the complaint“, and be people, and not “personnel“ - and your customers will stop being a toothache, and will become your friends. Also there will be to you happiness!