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Barbus leshchevidny gold - Barbus conchonius

Barbus leshchevidny gold - Barbus conchonius

Barbus leshchevidny gold or Barbus leshchevidny fiery (Barbus conchonius) - quite large, dynamic aquarian small fish fish of group karpoobrazny, Karpov` families. One of the brightest representatives of our aquarium. Vbarbus fiery possesses the oval, extended and squeezed on each side body. There are no short moustaches. This small fish has very interesting and bright coloring. In forward part of a tail stalk the dark stain with a golden fringing is located. The back of a male is painted in shining olivkovo - green color, sides and a belly with fiery outflow (the small fish and received the name for it barbus fiery). The male more small and more harmonously than a female, during spawning becomes red. Fins medno - red. Back, anal and belly with black top. The color of a female less bright than at a male also varies from is gray - brown till bronze color. Fins are almost colourless. Is precious object for big exhibition aquariums and zoos.

In the nature barbus fiery lives in slowly current and standing reservoirs of Severo - East part of India. Very popular small fish in our aquariums. To Europe it was for the first time delivered in 1903, to Russia in 1920. Often fiery barbus is used at various icthyological laboratory researches.

In sizes leshchevidny barbus can reach up to 35 centimeters and therefore Barbusov is one of the largest representatives. Barbus leshchevidny gold usually is on soil bliz, a skull digs soil as a boar, looks for food therefore in the form of soil only small sand is suitable for them. Barbusa`s

are very timid and almost any sharp movement can cause in them panic that sometimes leads to wounds from blows about a wall of an aquarium or a vyprygivaniya from a reservoir.

In an aquarium is obligatory existence of a large number of plants, sushchestvt wrong opinion that it is impossible to keep in an aquarium gentle plants since they will be surely eaten, it absolutely not so. For contents in an aquarium the dark background and small soil is desirable.


of Water of Hugo - East Asia.


Puberty comes in 8 - 11 months. The sex cannot be defined up to the first spawning, the male, as a rule, is less, more harmonously and is more brightly painted. The spawning aquarium has to be not less than 60 cm for couple. Before spawning the female strongly grows stout. The female throws up to 200 berries.

Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium: Temperatup`s

will approach within 22 - 25, pH 7. 0, dH to 18. The minimum volume of an aquarium - 250 - 300 l.

To water parameters are almost not exacting. Nevertheless, the good filtration and weekly substitution of water up to 1/3 volume is necessary for good health of Barbus conchonius.

as a forage can be used frozen and dry, vegetable top dressing is obligatory. ideally - a live forage (a large crank, rain Chevy, fresh meat).