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Barbus leshchevidny (Barbus Shvanifelda) - Barbus schwanenfeldi

Barbus leshchevidny (Barbus Shvanifelda) - Barbus schwanenfeldi

Barbus leshchevidny or barbus Shvanifelda (Barbus schwanenfeldi) - Large, dynamic fish of group karpoobrazny, Karpov` families. One of the brightest representatives of our aquarium. In which Barbus`s coloring soft, but rather contrast colors prevail. Color characteristics of a small fish Barbus Shvanenfelda are characterized bright by the expressed golden outflow on sides, is precious object for big exhibition aquariums and zoos. In sizes leshchevidny barbus can reach up to 35 centimeters and therefore Barbusov is one of the largest representatives.

Barbus Shvanifelda melanopterus usually is on soil bliz, a skull digs soil as a boar, looks for food therefore in the form of soil only small sand is suitable for them. Balantiokheylusa`s

are very timid and almost any sharp movement can cause in them panic that sometimes leads to wounds from blows about a wall of an aquarium or a vyprygivaniya from a reservoir.

In an aquarium is obligatory existence of a large number of plants, sushchestvt wrong opinion that it is impossible to keep in an aquarium gentle plants since they will be surely eaten, it absolutely not so. For contents in an aquarium the dark background and small soil is desirable.


of Water of Hugo - East Asia.


Puberty at Barbus Shvanifeld comes in 8 - 11 months. The sex cannot almost be defined up to the first spawning, the male, as a rule, is less, more harmonously and is more brightly painted. The spawning aquarium has to be not less than 60 cm for couple. The female throws up to 200 berries.

Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium: Temperatup`s

will approach within 22 - 25, pH 7. 0, dH to 18. The minimum volume of an aquarium - 250 - 300 l.

To water parameters are almost not exacting. Nevertheless, the good filtration and weekly substitution of water up to 1/3 volume is necessary for good health Akulego Bala. As a forage it is possible to use frozen and dry, vegetable top dressing is obligatory. ideally - a live forage (a large crank, rain Chevy, fresh meat).

is the best of all to Make out an aquarium natural snags, stones and live plants. Plants need to be selected dense as they can be eaten around by gluttons - Barbusami leshchevidny. At the same time it is necessary to leave a lot of empty seat for swimming.