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Bathroom in an orbit, or What show in space the most surprising?

the Juicy story occurred at the end of September, 2009. Inhabitants of North America saw at night in the sky the bright shining strip. What it, the comet foretelling to mankind of misfortune? It is unlike. Addressed meteorologists, astronomers and even astrologers. And what became clear? The mysterious strip appeared... urine.

Just the Shuttle Discovery, releasing the toilet container, dumped especially large consignment of urine. Earlier he could not make it as within 10 days it was docked to ISS.

The toilet problem is very important for astronauts and astronauts. Nobody assumed that the first American astronaut Alan Shepard whose flight had to last only 15 minutes from - for technical should expect malfunctions on start more than three hours. From - for lack of a toilet the poor fellow had to naprudit in trousers, having caused short circuit of a half of the sensors located in a lower body.

Our Yury Gagarin, despite existence in a space suit of the corresponding device, arrived more cunning and more providently. On the way to the spaceport he went out of the bus and urinated on a wheel. Since then it became tradition. Speak, any astronaut does not decide to break custom, and at start of pilotless spaceships the technicians do it directly on the case of the carrier rocket.

Unlike Shepard`s space suit, the space suit of Gagarin was supplied with an individual toilet as it was provided that in case of not descent from an orbit it can stay in space of several more than a day.

The second American astronaut Virgile Grissom already flew in the huge diaper made of several female laying - man`s diapers for the present were not. And now during start, landing and extravehicular activity astronauts use diapers. However, already specially made.

A joke in a subject

- the Lunar attraction is much weaker terrestrial why the American astronauts on the Moon jumped so low?

- And you tried to jump ever in the used diapers?
Space toilets externally something are similar

on usual, terrestrial. But only externally. For removal of urine in them use not water, but air. One more technical difference - special fastenings for legs that did not carry away the astronaut or the astronaut in zero gravity from a seat.

By the Russian spaceships both solid and liquid waste preserves, and then in special containers sends to Earth by the ships “Progress“. Americans just throw urine overboard, and solid waste comes back to Earth together with the spaceship.

The astronaut Russell Shveykart in space with irony answered a question of the most surprising show: “Urine emission at sunset“. Alas, this wasteful action will cease to please us with the shining strips soon. Devices for regeneration of precious space urine and its transformation into even more precious water are already tested.

The similar system of regeneration was applied at the Mir Space Station. But this water was not drunk, it was used for receiving oxygen.

The joke on snack

- And is said that urine of astronauts is passed via filters and again used as drinking water. This is true?

- Yes is silent you! God forbid, astronauts learn about it!