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Name of the child: how it is chosen today?

Patrimonial tradition

This motive do not need comments because quite widespread custom is known to all to transfer to the born descendant a name of the grandfather / grandmother, father / mother, notable relative, etc. of

Memory about significant

In this case the speech can go as about an event, and the personality. Let`s remember, for example, how many after revolution there was Oktyabrin, Vladlenov, etc. And how to you Dazdraperma - reduced “Long live The First of May“? But also in the biography of parents, family or personal, unforgettable persons can leave a mark. For example, the father called me in honor of the first love, and I do not know how mother … followed the tastes of his desire the Harmony

the Gratefulness of sounding can be considered by

or concerning only the name, or in combination with a middle name. It is clear, that this sign is very subjective because different people like various sound combinations. For one Diana Gavrilovna - it is quite acceptable, it offends others an ear.

Semantic value

Now at us a dime a dozen of literature, printing and electronic in which the sense of names is treated and is narrated about character of the person how it was called in the childhood. Psychologists claim that in it there is the homespun truth, psycholinguists support them. The problem is that in the called literature as regards character contradictions, but not in it an essence quite often meet.

The modern dictionaries interpreting value of names when determining roots of their origin sometimes miss important aspects, without possessing necessary information. Perhaps, a name Herman - bright to that confirmation. It is translated or from Latin as only-begotten, or from German - the soldier.

It is considered that to Russia it is brought from Byzantium in the IX-X centuries, extended together with Christian religion and got accustomed “with a scratch“, originally - in families of notable persons. Perhaps and so, but regardless of Byzantium and long before a hristianization of Slavs at the southern tribes, for example, of the Bulgarian blood, the fertility deity - Herman (Dzherman) was esteemed.

It is the character like Kupala and Kostroma: dying and reviving. According to the legend, Herman perishes from a drought, and then women bury his image in the form of a clay skulpturka with underlined man`s signs of a figure on the sandy coast. After that by all means the plentiful rain which crops so need has to go.


Periodically happen bright flashes of special popularity of this or that name. A circle one Ladas, in one class eight Kirillov. However, fashion - the phenomenon changeable and if there is no wish that the child among peers had many namesakes, it is possible to use statistics of registry offices which consider rate of the registered names.


exoticism differs From a “memorable“ sign in the fact that it is not connected directly with any events, life situations, etc. Is a counterbalance to fashion rather. Other parents seek to think up to the child a unique name, and their ingenuity sometimes more than surprises. To us my unpretentious look, is better to bear a name of the first love of the father, than to follow the example of the businessman who appointed to the offspring to be called as Miraks - exactly as well as the construction company belonging to it.

In Samara the young man by the name of the Eros, lives in Nizhny Tagil - the girl Russia. Spouses Alekseev from Moscow area called the daughter Viagroy. And a certain couple of Voronin fought several years for calling the son … BOCh RVF 260602 (Biological Object of the Person of a family of Voronin - Frolov, been born on June 26, 2002).

However, the bacillus of exoticism of naming rushes worldwide. One juvenile Swede bears a name Oliver Gugl, at the Indian boy the name means “I love potato“, Superstrong Cement, the International Conflict occur among young Ecuadorians. In the American family Dzheksonov children are called … Meningitis, Laryngitis, Appendicitis, Peritonitis, Tonsillitis. Oh!

* * *
the Parents who are not wishing happy destiny to the children - not just a rarity, but also pathology. In ancient times many people of the world had a tradition of concealment of an original name of the person to protect it from attacks of powers of darkness because the personality was identified with it, with a name.

It is significant for a variety of causes and, without having an opportunity in detail to cover everything (we will leave as - nibud for later) in one article, we will be limited to the most obvious - socially - psychological. On the one hand, the child, opening for itself the name, builds own attitude towards him, with another - the social environment in which he grows up, and then and it is found, too definitely perceives a name which participates in creation of opinion on the person, we want it or not. It is confirmed with empirical researches, that is by practical consideration. And when it is about an exotic name - it steadily pays on itself special attention of an environment and causes additional loading on the carrier it, that is why so often in life owners of unusual names “transfer“ them to more “trivial“.

Undoubtedly, naming the child, it is necessary to remember that it if not forever - that for a long time, at least, to majority. Better that to the person it was comfortable to be represented and communicate, without being confused the name.