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Why stylists are necessary? Everything I know personal experience of

about fashion. However, after consultation with the stylist - the image maker. Consultations qualitative and expensive. Why stylists are necessary?

On the eve of March 8

Ya not a star of show - business, I put on not at Eve Saint Lorana, and at a locker. On reception to the acquaintance image - to the consultant Tatyana brought me because the stylist she - a beginner, and she should train on someone. The second - soon a holiday on March 8 therefore there is a wish to look especially beautifully. The ordinary, somewhere read statistics was the third cause to consult at Tanya that women of 80% of time carry 20% of the things.

Of course, a proportion doubtful, all the same, what to claim that 40% of women do not test an orgasm. But I, really, notice that I put on the same things. Filled “with what, I do not remember any more“ the case costs a monolithic block which contains nothing.

Stage 1: what do you want?

Ya came to be in the small light room which is filled up with samples of fabrics of all flowers and textures and posters with various silhouettes. Tatyana`s motto: “You will never have the second chance to make the first impression“. Consultation began. And the first about what Tatyana started talking to me - it is about what I want what in general I wait from a meeting for? Yes the same that is wanted by all women! To look beautiful and self-assured, or at least to make such impression by means of clothes. Having begun to list, I so was fond that stopped when heard: “… to look clever, sexual, successful and that men kept within stacks when I go down the street …“. Tatyana, having with amazement raised an eyebrow, did marks in a notebook.

Stage 2: who are you such?

the Following stage of consultation - determination of my dominating style in clothes. It is formed very much early in the childhood. By the time of achievement of three-year age style is already created. In what was a chosen style, it is possible to blame most of all genetics, than a mother`s example.

Styles only four - classical, romantic, drama and sports. Plus exists uncountable quantity of their combinations. But one dominates always, it and should be distinguished first of all that to the stylist not to spend personal and others` time that not to convince the woman with pronounced sports addiction of clothes to dress up in romantic frills, and to advise sports things of the necessary color and the correct silhouette.

I was the pronounced fan of drama style, that is the vamp. Now it became clear to me why continuous mother`s attempts to dress up me in something classical encountered furious resistance. To me it became physically bad in strict direct skirts below knees and things of brown color. And dressed me in youth only in shades of brown. Color - that it, maybe, and quite good, but me as we found out with Tatyana, is categorically contraindicated...

Stage 3: what your color?

Here you know that at color six main characteristics? I assume that artists and designers know much more, but for me and six - revelation. Color can be light and dark, cold and warm, bright and muffled (as though with flour addition). Therefore it is necessary to find out absolutely accurately what color to me goes what - cannot be chosen at all.

Tatyana visually showed how from one shade (warm, it is dark - green) my person becomes yellow and under eyes blue shadows lie, and from bright cold (blue) the person is brought up and skin looks gently - pink. The effect is tremendous when everything is shown directly on you in front of the mirror. As a result we found out that I need to carry light, cold, muffled tone. Now in shop I save plenty of time, forces and money because, far off bypassing racks with dark or very bright things of warm shades, I go straight to hangers with something light and gentle.

Color is a powerful weapon in skillful hands, and a combination of flowers - and even less so. For example, going to interview to get a job where it is necessary to show himself the responsible person, we choose a combination of flowers of clothes as it is possible more contrastly - for example, black and white, pink and blue. By the way, you noticed that representatives of the professions which are often interacting with people wear a uniform of contrast shades - stewardesses, waitresses, teachers …

the Stage 4: the silhouette

of Silhouettes, appears, only three types. Tatyana`s task - to make recommendations about finishing, details and length of clothes which you are going to carry - the colors you already know! Personally I was pleasantly surprised, having learned that the type of my figure - universal and is suitable for all cuts and styles loved by me.

In general, to Tatyana people with the most different questions come. Often, she should act also as the psychoanalyst. Two cases from its practice.

1. The young woman, owing to her profession, needs to make impression that it is more senior than the years. For solidity and bigger trust to her words. The girl - the professional in the area, but looks too young that confuses also her, and clients.

Tatyana`s council: clothes - cozy, soft, warm, woolen. Length of a skirt, dress - below knees. Colors of clothes - warm, light, muffled. And so on - the whole strategy for a hairdress, a make-up, a silhouette and behavior.

2. The woman of 30 years holds a senior position in the large company. Minus - small growth. The purpose - to look authoritative, to command respect. The problem is that the girl considers the small growth as advantage and in every possible way emphasizes it by means of footwear without heels.

Tatyana had to put a lot of effort to convince the girl that it is impossible to gain authority of colleagues, focusing attention on the small growth because in most of people submission to larger individuals is genetically put as stronger and successful.

Consultation did not take place in vain, the client bought to herself shoes and boots high-heeled and successfully builds the career.

In the list of the services rendered by Tatyana there is a shopping - amazing procedure. Only “shopping without money“ can be better than it - when you with Tatyana only go shopping and choose, measure, look after clothes - it is not obligatory to buy. But such procedure gives the chance with the cold head (all the same we will not buy) to realize that is pleasant and is not pleasant also that goes. Fantasy!

That it is the most pleasant - services of such expert as Tatyana, cost the sum, quite lifting for any woman who thinks of herself and needs such consultation - 2000 rubles. The person for whom missing strokes to image are necessary will receive the recommendations. For the woman getting in the way to herself, consultation will serve as a launch pad for a campaign to the cosmetologist (to the best in the city, according to Tatyana`s recommendation), to boutiques (in the happy hour known only to Tatyana). There is no limit to perfection. And Tatyana in this plan is almost unattainable. the Epilogue

Armed with knowledge, at night I arranged with

to things audit. The four fifth contents of my clothes it was thrown ruthlessly out, presented to girlfriends, it is distributed to acquaintances and enemies. “Questionable“ (that is both it is a pity to give, and it is impossible to carry) I brought things on “Fashionable group“. Tanya of once a week brings together girlfriends and arranges consultation. Can be a subject “Hats this summer“ or “How to wear a beads“. It seems thoughtlessly, isn`t that so? But we sometimes so lack levity.

Vividly dealt with my clothes, as a result I left something directly there. To the few remained things bought in addition accessories like a turquoise kerchief, silver sandals and blue jeans - and my clothes changed.

What is fashion, I know precisely now. It is always fashionable to carry things, to you to the person and we will cover with color to a silhouette. And stylists are necessary that all of us knew about it for certain.