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Than the nettle is useful and what from it can be prepared?

the Nettle since the most ancient times are used in cookery. Also there is in Europe, perhaps, no ethnic cuisine which would not offer a dish from it.

The nettle has fine structure. It is extremely rich with salts, especially limy, contains a lot of iron (more, than spinach), sulfur and potassium. Nettle leaves - a natural polyvitaminic concentrate, they contain carotene, ascorbic, silicon, pantothenic and ant acids, vitamin K and others. On protein content the nettle does not concede to bean. It - magnificent means for improvement of composition of blood and clarification of an organism from exchange products.

Collect a nettle very young when leaves still gentle and are richest with valuable substances. Burning leaves add to borsch and other soups, cook from them green Russian cabbage soup. It is also possible to make various salads and other dishes. Before preparation leaves wash out and usually scald boiled water. Krapivny oil

Two tablespoons of the leaves of a nettle which are small cut or passed via the meat grinder mix

from 100 g of soft butter. Add to taste of a little grated horse-radish. Having smeared with this oil bread slices, you receive original and useful sandwiches. Spring Salad

Young leaves of a nettle and a sorrel (for 250 - 300) and 100 g of green onions well wash out

, dry, small cut or pass via the meat grinder. Put mix in a plate, mix with the hard-boiled eggs which are small cut two. Salt, add vegetable oil or mayonnaise. It is good to decorate with a garden radish. It is possible to add a plantain and leaves of a dandelion to this herbs salad also. Salad with nuts

the Nettle (150 - 200) weld

in slightly added some salt water, cast away on a sieve. Crush walnuts (50 g) and you potolkit with salt, having added greens (it is better cilantro) and small cut onions. Mix nuts with a nettle, salt and pepper. This dish from Georgian cuisine. beet Salad

the Young nettle for one hour ship

in cold water, then small chop. Mix one glass of leaves with the boiled beet sliced small (one beet of the average size suffices). Then add two cloves of pounded garlic, salt, dress with mayonnaise. The beautiful dish, vitamin-rich will turn out.

the Omelette from a nettle

Break two eggs and mix them with small cut washed-out nettle leaves. Add salt and pour out mix on a hot frying pan. Give an omelet with greens. Cottage cheese with a nettle

Wipe with

200 g of cottage cheese through a sieve, mix weight with a glass of small cut nettle leaves. Add small cut garlic (three cloves), one teaspoon of mustard and three tablespoons of vegetable oil. This useful so-called “green cottage cheese“ diversifies your menu. Meatballs from a nettle

the Nettle (100 g) boil

2 - 3 minutes in the boiling water, cast away on a sieve, and then crush a knife. Mix 200 g of thick millet cereal with greens and create meatballs. Bake in an oven and give with any sauce. Thus it is possible to use the porridge remains successfully.

Years ten we with the husband withdrew every spring gloves and followed to the wood young escapes of a nettle. Now in the spring we vanish at the dacha, forgetting about a burning source of vitamins. After severe winter and cold March it is necessary to renew tradition …