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What laptop is necessary? Reflections on a subject.

the old friend called Yesterday:

- Listen, decided to buy the laptop, advise something.

Years five - six - seven back I would begin meticulously and vjedlivo to ask the friend for what he needs the laptop what requirements it imposes to the portable computer what problems intends to solve by means of it and that in general hopes to receive as a result of purchase.

The laptop is not the “pure“ computer. More likely, it is the quintessence of computer thought embodied in the compact and hi-tech device. And, many samples of mobile computers are top of electronic equipment - for the consumer market, certainly. In them the latest technologies are concentrated, the last developments of highly skilled engineers are applied. Naturally, as accessories in such laptops are used only the most qualitative.

But just such laptops are least of all demanded in the market. And it is clear. The latest technologies cost money. The last developments of highly skilled engineers have to pay off. High-quality accessories are more expensive - sometimes several times - those which quality raises doubts. As a result, the cost of such laptop reads off scale.

Guess what will be chosen by the ordinary user if from two laptops, identical on characteristics, one costs 30000 rubles, and another 60000?

Correctly. With probability of 99,9% it will leave home with the first. Which for thirty thousand. Even if annoying managers will din into it what revolutionary schematic decisions and technological innovations are concentrated in the second laptop. To the ordinary user to spit on those things which he does not understand. Perhaps and not absolutely so - but he will definitely not overpay twice for them.

The fact that in this portable computer the last development with not uttered name is applied will warm only soul. And here thirty thousand will be heated also by a purse. And when say to the ordinary user that this technology will allow to prolong, for example, accumulator service life twice, he quite logically objects that for this money he will buy ten accumulators.

Yes god with them, with technical novelties. Usual characteristics of laptops are not even important for the majority. Which, by the way, too influence cost. For example, operating time from the accumulator. I used to know people whom quite arranged that their laptop works from the battery of 30 minutes. Moreover, they also did not think that modern mobile computers can work from the accumulator 2 - 3 - 4 hours. And even it is more.

From the things influencing cost it is also possible to mention both a powerful video subsystem, and small weight, and the bright display with high resolution. Well, of course, it would also be desirable to have all this in the use.

But cost, cost …

of Pokhodiv around and pooblizovavshis, the ordinary user finally will choose the laptop which cannot brag the display, is powerful, the video card. But in all the rest differs in nothing from beautiful - but expensive - models. The processor, memory, the winchester - are identical.

Quite clear human desire - not to overpay. And also clear total absence at the ordinary user of all tasks. It needs “just the laptop“. He perceives all talk of managers on time of autonomous work and other subtleties as imposing to it something foreign and unnecessary. Vtyukhivaniye.

But we are not suckers. On you will not flog. We will buy cheaper.

Yes! And I asked the friend who called me:

- What sum you plan to allocate?

- Twenty thousand - twenty five.

- Perfectly! Buy any, you will not be mistaken. They for this money all identical. And any will cost this money.