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Crisis - time of opening of the business (small or house business).

“Financial crisis!!! Lost work what now to do?!“ - such panic now in our society. All for some reason consider that to begin business in crisis - it is impossible, and to open profitable business and even less so. But it is one of those myths which are not true, actually financial crisis is time of changes when opens many opportunities allowing to begin the small or house business. The saved-up international experience shows that in crisis ideas of small business progress. Why? Yes because crisis - is a high time to begin profitable business, and with the minimum expenses. Really, small business do not mean big capital investments but, nevertheless, it is capable to bring in the considerable income.

Ten reasons why opening of the business in crisis is expedient:

1. Cheaper and cheaper.

Now the most suitable time for extremely favorable acquisitions in any sphere - from the earth to office real estate, the equipment and professionals. Now it is a high time to enter into the market of real estate and stock market. Some people waited for this moment several years to enter into these markets and, at last, this time came.

2. You can employ more qualified specialists.

In this field of the dismissed high quality experts you will be able to choose to yourself really standing professionals at the moderate price. You dream of hi-tech start, right now crowds of the qualified engineers only and dream of work. You think of how to create service firm, a huge number of skilled accountants only and wait for a suitable opportunity.

3. People are in search of new suppliers.

All opportunities are open for the new companies now. Even if your prices are higher, you all the same have a chance to succeed in your new business. You have an advantage of novelty. Now many companies desperately look for new partners who are ready to offer more favorable, best or innovative ways of delivery of a product or service.

4. Advantages of the taxation.

Businessmen have more tax benefits, than ordinary hired workers now. Add this advantage to the list.

5. Friends and acquaintances do not want to invest money in stock market and the market of real estate any more.

And it in turn means that they can want to invest money in your enterprise at the initial stage or later time in business development. Advantage is that they know you and trust you and if you show them good business - the plan and real indicators, you will be able to increase the initial capital with their help quicker than by means of bank crediting.

6. Suppliers offer the best terms.

In spite of the fact that the real credit market is closed, at the same time the credits exist and are demanded. The perspective companies look for investors, and investors - these companies.

7. You can receive good PR (public relations), playing against a trend.

Mass media love deviations from rules and if you chose crisis as time of the beginning of the business, it means, you in focus of attention. And it in turn means that you have a chance to receive good public relations, showing alternative approach to the market.

8. You can buy all necessary at auction.

Absolute majority of the equipment, including office furniture you can get at auction at the similar price. At auctions it is also possible to find in a good shape the restaurant equipment, and even to acquire park of vehicles.

9. You can favourably conclude bargains.

In the conditions of crisis economy there are opportunities to rent or take in leasing by the equipment at very favorable price, for that simple reason that many large enterprises are closed or reduced.

10. And at last, you lost the work and you need to be engaged in something.

Sometimes the best decision is that decision in which you are involved by a situation. There is nothing bad that you are forced to create a new source of the income and to earn money immediately.

However what to choose what to begin with? The market of offers is filled with a large number of “New“ ideas for opening of small business. However “New“ ideas are not so good as it is much it seems. When you find the market in which there is no player, it in most cases means that such market just does not exist. People make money, winning against competitors, but not avoiding them. If you want to begin own business, do not even try to look for new ideas which nobody used yet. Instead look for such competitor who would serve a large number of clients, but would do it not really well. Will enough do you the same, but it is better. Remember that Thomas Edison concerning idea of business spoke? He said that the best business of idea are thought already up, and they can be borrowed!

The most important condition of successful business that the made production was demanded and was in demand. And there is a question of what to make? Recently in Russia construction steadily develops. People invest money in most for themselves important - construction of the housing, repair and improvement which is already available. It is conducted big dachno - garden construction. More and more attention is paid to improvement of territories, adjacent to housing (pay attention as streets of our cities in recent years changed, especially large). Therefore, one of the most profitable today the directions of business is production of construction and finishing materials.